Teri Meri Doriyaan 1st March 2023


Teri Meri Doriyaan 1st March 2023 Written Episode Update

Angad gets angry when Brars delay the wedding procession. She says earlier Seerat was missing and now her parents are missing. Hansraj says we should question them directly about their intentions. Darji advises them to be cordial to their families. Hansraj says he was just saying. Angad tells Seerat/Sahiba he’s eager to see her face and wants to hold her hand. Sahiba withdraws her hand and feels sorry for Angad that he loves Seerat but that she betrayed him.

Seerat asks Garry why he can’t marry her. Garry says he doesn’t want to marry her in this situation, as he doesn’t feel it’s right. She asks why he is doing this to her, since if he doesn’t love her, he doesn’t know her situation and the risks she took to elope with him. The family has always allowed him to have a lavish destination wedding, so she must wait for that day.

She comments on the bride’s jewelry and wonders why Seerat chose such a cheap piece of jewellery given that she is so rich. Gurleen says Seerat’s jewelry looks elegant. Sahiba realizes Santosh lied to Brars about their financial status as well. Kiara says Manveer would have gifted them jewelry based on our status if they had informed us.

Ajith refuses Santosh’s request to let Sahiba marry Angad rather than Seerat. Santosh recalls the saint’s words that her second daughter would be the richest among the 3 and her first daughter would have difficulty settling down. If Ajith doesn’t agree to this marriage, Sahiba will face criticism from society and her life will be hell after that. Ajith agrees helplessly.

A few people see Seerat’s photo as Keerath continues to search for her. One of them said he saw her with a boy in a black car discussing marriage in a gurdwara. Keerath asks the auto driver to speed up in that direction. Garry’s emotional words convince Seerat to wait for a few days, and she agrees to do so.

With Ajith, Santosh apologizes to the Brars for the delay. She says let’s start the lawan. Manveer taunts her. Bebe stops Manveer. Sahiba realizes Keerath couldn’t find Seerath. Santosh tries to convince her to agree. Brars take Angad and Sahiba to the lawan venue. They make them sit in front of the priest and Sahiba removes her veil, leaving everyone speechless.

In the precap, Santosh asks Sahiba why she did that. Sahiba says she should have done it long ago and shouldn’t have joined Santosh’s lies. Angad shouts at Sahiba and asks where Seerat is. Sahiba says she eloped as she didn’t want to marry him.

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