Faltu 20th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

The episode starts with Janardhan getting angry with Ayaan and throwing his pictures. He recalls Ayaan’s words. He says your love was a lie, you do not love me. Faltu comes and says he loves you. He scolds her and asks her to leave. She advises him not to get angry with Ayaan, he was just helping a little girl. She says he made a small mistake.

He says I am facing the consequences of what I did to Tanisha, that it was me who caused us to lose face. She answers: “No, don’t worry – I’m here! Tanisha has returned and everyone is here for the wedding ceremony to commence. Tanisha then inquires about his reasons for the action: was it fear of his father or something else? Ayaans swears on their friendship that he had no intention of deceiving her; he decided not to tell his father about helping Faltu with cricket as he knew his dad wouldn’t approve. He just wanted to fulfill his goals but ended up causing damage instead; he apologizes sincerely.

She inquired whether their marriage was due to her father’s suggestion. Ayaan confirmed but reassured her that knowing one another would make it easier. He affirmed his commitment to spending his life with her and swore never to conceal or deceive her; pleading for a last chance at redemption. Janardhan arrived and he requested forgiveness from him, on bended knee. Everyone encouraged Janardhan to absolve Ayaan and he eventually conceded, describing him as a source of pride. The two embraced warmly.

It doesn’t matter what happens next time, he says you won’t hide anything. Dadi says we should start the rituals. Savita says yes, Ayaan make Tanisha wear the ring and make her yours again. Tanisha is made to wear the ring. Everyone applauds. Sid and Sumitra get upset. Faltu wards off their bad vision. I will go now, you all get busy with arrangements now, and she asks everyone to take care of her. She tears.

Ayaan stops Faltu from leaving. She apologizes to Janardhan. Bua says you will stay at my house, come with me. Faltu says no, I will have to cross my journey alone. They hug and she apologizes to Bua. He says we are all in debt to you because you did many favours for us, so I want to do a last thing for you. He asks Kanika to give Faltu her chance. Kanika says she’ll get her chance. Ayaan thanks her. Faltu smiles and leaves. Sid says he hates Ayaan.

Sumitra insists that Sid hates Ayaan, who always wins their battles. Despite her accusation, Sid assures that it is not the end and shares his suspicion of something more than friendship between Ayaan and Faltu. She agrees, adding that Ayaan’s feelings for Tanisha weren’t clear as he was looking at Faltu with affection. As Faltu leaves, Sid says he will do anything to come out victorious next time and make both Ayaan and Charan proud.

The precap:

When Ayaan sees Faltu as his bride, he is shocked.

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