Faltu 20th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

The episode opens with Faltu and Ajit having ice cream. Sid arrives at the temple inquiring about Pappi and Faltu’s nuptials, when Ayaan is taken aback to find Ajit. He informs them that Faltu had mentioned he was her husband and he had been searching for him. On watching Faltu talking to him, Ayaan surmises that Ajit must be her spouse. To this, Ajit hands her some money saying it is what Charan had deposited in the hospital; his senior doctor said it would be used to cover her medical expenses through a trust fund.

She asks why he gives her money and why she takes it. Pandit tells Sid everything he knows about her husband. Ajit cleans her face. Ayaan says he is her husband, why are you feeling bad? Sid asks who filled the Sindoor in that girl’s maang. Pandit says she didn’t get married. Sid says not to lie. I ran away from Pappi’s goons, and when I returned, I saw Ayaan lying conscious, and Pappi and the girl had left.

Ayaan follows Faltu and attempts to get some answers from her. Sadly, an unexpected encounter causes him to lose sight of her. His temper rises as a consequence. Pandit comes by with a phone and informs them that he found it at the temple, speculating that it might belong to Pappi or Faltu. After switching it off, he reveals it is locked and expresses his willingness to return it if they do not need it due to the fear of getting into trouble with the police. Sid thankfully accepts his offer. When the people in the chawl approach Faltu, Maasi scolds her for telling Ayaan falsehoods about her marital status. She then questions Faltu’s motives behind requesting sindoor earlier on.

I cannot do this, Tanisha asks. Savita says I’ll help you make laddoos. Tanisha says you’re doing it. Dadi says it’s your job. Tanisha says handling family is duty, cooking isn’t duty, I’ll arrange the laddoos, you don’t either. You know what the pandit said, if the new bahu makes sweets and keeps bhog, then the house will be happy.

Tanisha says pandits have troubled me. Dadi scolds her. Tanisha says my nails will get spoiled. Dadi asks what, are your nails more important than the rituals? Tanisha says don’t make this a big deal, we’ll order sweets from the best shop. Savita explains. When Tanisha asks why this small thing is complicated, she says we can order sweets. Sumitra says she’s right, she’s an educated woman, so why are you forcing her to do so?

Dadi says it’s important, we’re just telling her about it. Tanisha says you insist on me, Sumitra says. Savita says the cook has done all the work, Tanisha just needs to stir. Dadi says it’s customs, we all did the rituals. Faltu says no, it’s not like that. The people question her. The house owner asks her to call her dad and leave. Charan arrives and asks what happened. Faltu worries.

The people are upset by Tanisha. Dadi asks her to do whatever she wants. Savita goes with her. Sumitra says you did well. Sid comes to meet them. Faltu tells them about Dr. Ajit. She says Ajit came to return the money dad had deposited in the hospital. She asks Charan to tell them the truth.

As Tanisha asks Sid to show the phone quickly, Sid responds, “I gave the phone to be fixed, maybe we can get a video of that night, we’ll just wait.” She asks what if the man formats the memory card? Sid says, “Don’t worry, chill. I gave him extra money, what drama happened here?” She says she will tell Ayaan to get laddoos for her.

As Ayaan is at work, Tanisha calls him. She asks him to get laddoos. He asks if he will eat laddoos, as you avoid sweets. She says it’s not for me, but to keep bhog, your parents asked me to make laddoos, but I can’t. Mom and Dadi should be told about it, he says.

She said I tried to explain, but Dadi got angry and mom didn’t come to my defense. Sumitra arrived in support of me and suggested getting laddoos. He responded calmly not to get worked up as he was already going to get them. He thought it over and realized they just wanted blessings from Ajit and sometimes we have to do something for other’s joy. Charan concluded that Ajit was a nice person, even if it meant they were helpless. Maasi and everyone then apologized to Charan before departing.


Faltu says the truth to Sid and Tanisha. The doctor says you have to answer all the questions correctly.

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