Kavya – Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 21st November 2023 Written Update

Kavya 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Kavya says I didn’t say yes to marriage. Anjali asks what, you said yes, I heard her. Rajeev says she knows what she said. He asks Kavya to answer. Kavya says I didn’t say yes, I can’t come up with an answer. He says I can’t understand. The dream of marrying Shubh was broken when he kept that condition, she says. When I am getting the same love, I should be happy, right, but instead of feeling peaceful, I am not happy. She cries.

Anjali says he has changed. Kavya asks if people can change. Anjali says yes, he apologized and helped you, he loves you. Kavya says heart never lies, my heart doesn’t agree, I’m sorry. Adi wants food. He sits upset. Malini and Omi watch. She goes to Giriraj and says you would be happy if you stole Adi’s happiness from him.

Although Rajeev says we cannot control our problems, he wants us not to be a reason for your tears, your mother isn’t wrong, she wants you to have a good family and a good life partner, I was afraid of seeing Adi and you together because we are middle-class people, and Jaideep’s family would understand if we married you there. Malini argues with Giriraj. He says Adi is my son always. Malini says he has tears in his eyes today, he is broken.

Rajeev says we were upset with Shubh, but they helped us. Anjali says we cannot leave you alone in posting. He asks her to think. He stops Anjali. Kavya says he was with me before also, and if he hadn’t kept that condition, I wouldn’t have said this. If I hadn’t said this, I would have said yes, sorry, I don’t want anything, but just time.

In her conversation with Adi, Alka says love for some people is like a government file, it doesn’t go ahead or end. She explains him. She says she is sure your love story will be completed, and she has seen Kavya’s love for you in her eyes. As Adi recalls their meeting, Malini tells him the truth is, since Kavya opposed you, you can’t tolerate this, you can’t see Kavya as Adi’s love, so you ruin his life by doing that.

According to Giriraj, a father’s role is not just to fulfill his own desires, but to prioritize the happiness of his family. He is making the difficult decision to remove anything that may hinder his son’s happiness, including Kavya, who he believes is not a suitable match. Kavya argues that he does not understand her perspective, but Giriraj assures her that he does. However, he cannot forget the pain she caused him by prioritizing her career over their first child. Despite no longer feeling anger towards her, the sadness remains and he worries for their son’s future if such sorrow were to come again. This emotional conversation leads Kavya to tears while Mayank discusses their situation with Sanjeev.

Sanjeev says we have to make them confess love, so we’ll have them meet at this Diwali party. Mayank thinks the idea is great, but Kavya won’t come, so send me an invite, and I’ll get in touch with him. Sanjeev agrees. Kavya remembers Adi. Giriraj sees Adi and cares for him. He gets sad and leaves. As Kavya hugs Anjali, Anjali calms her down. She asks her if you don’t like Shubh, do you like someone else. She tells her to sleep.

In the morning, Alka gives Kavya a call and extends an invitation to her for their Diwali party. She kindly requests Kavya to bring along her brother and friend so they can all have a great time together. However, Kavya politely declines the offer by thanking Alka for the invitation. As Alka relays this information to Sanjeev and Mayank, they become concerned. But then, Kavya surprises them by inviting Anusha to Adi’s birthday party instead. Anusha then suggests that Kavya join them as well. While they are having breakfast, Kavya asks Mayank to pass her the bread but he ignores her. Sensing something is wrong, she takes him aside and inquires about what is bothering him. Mayank reveals that he knows she doesn’t want to marry Shubh and urges her to reject his proposal.

Anjali looks on and goes. Kavya says something does not seem right about Shubh’s letter. He smiles and says yes. She asks how we will find out. He says we will go to Giriraj’s house and find out what happened.


In the party, Adi and Kavya dance. Tum kya mile plays. Giriraj asks what’s going on, you both have no mate. Kavya says, Shubh, I love Adi, not you.

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