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As Sahiba trapped in a library thinks of escaping it at any cost and saving Angad, she looks at a window curtain and thinks of using it as a rope to escape. Rumi entraps Angad in a lift. Rumi agrees that he is the stalker and warns him to get him out of the lift so he can see what he will do to him. Angad asks Rumi if he is stalking Sahiba and he warns him to get him out of the lift and see what he will do.

Sahiba is worried about Angad, so he asks him where he is. By using curtains as a rope, Sahiba escapes the library via balcony, and rushes toward Angad’s office. Rumi is still threatened by Angad, who warns him not to look at Sahiba. Rumi laughs and says Sahiba belongs to him now and warns him to leave Sahiba if he wants to live. The Sahiba reaches Angad’s office, and asks the watchman where Angad is.

The heated dispute between Angad and Rumi persists. With a threatening tone, Rumi warns Angad that he will harm him unless he breaks things off with Sahiba. Meanwhile, Sahiba seeks out Pam and inquires about Angad’s whereabouts. Pam reveals that Angad left the office feeling uneasy about Sahiba’s safety. Concerned, Sahiba requests Pam to contact Angad on her behalf. After making the call, Angad informs Sahiba that he is trapped in a lift and urges her to seek help from the police. Immediately, Sahiba rushes towards the 6th floor where she spots the stalled lift with guards and Pam by her side. Noticing Rumi preparing to attack Angad, Sahiba calls out for him just in time. Confused by Sahiba’s appearance, Rumi hides, wondering how she found out about their location.

As Sahiba approaches the lift, both of them inquire about each other’s well-being. He notifies her that the stalker is present on the premises. Rumi immediately flees and Sahiba promptly informs the guards. The guards pursue Rumi while Angad urges Sahiba to stay safe as the stalker poses a grave threat. She proceeds to open the lift door and helps him exit, causing a moment where their eyes meet. However, just then, the guards return with news that the stalker is still at large in the building. With concern, Angad orders them not to let him escape and instructs Sahiba to take shelter in his office as a precaution. He then rushes off to search for the stalker.

Inder calls Veer and asks him to find out where Sahiba and Angad are. Veer says he will call Shamin and find out if Angad is still at the office. Inder worries about Sahiba. Simran approaches him and asks if he won’t tell her a story today. Inder says he will and says he’s planning her birthday party. She asks how he knows about her birthday. Angad and Sahiba informed him. She says she’d like to celebrate her birthday with Angad and Sahiba on their hands.

He rushes down and asks the watchman if he saw a man leaving. Watchman says not. Angad asks him to look at CCTV footage. Shamin informs him that the CCTV is hacked. Angad scolds her. Rumi drives away. He is noticed by Angad and he follows him. Sahiba calls and asks where he is and if he has caught the stalker. Angad says he will catch him soon. Shamin sends Angad to the location where the stalker hacked the phones. Angad goes there


Rumi walks to Sahiba. Sahiba asks if Karthik stalked her. Rumi says it’s him. Angad reaches there and trashes him for touching her.

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