Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th July 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Savi inquires with Shantanu about his relationship with Isha madam. In response, he compares certain relationships to two shores of a river that walk alongside but never converge. He advises her to focus on his upcoming interview and expresses confidence in her abilities. While eating, Savi realizes she cannot ask Harini to persuade her in-laws to allow her to stay at their house. Harini calls and Savi apologizes for having to leave early due to her. Harini acknowledges that Bhavani would not have let Savi stay for much longer and asks about her admission status. Savi explains that tomorrow is the interview and she managed to spend last night in the director’s cabin, but will have to find another place tonight until she secures admission and moves into a college hostel. However, Harini offers to convince their in-laws to let Savi stay. Despite Savi’s reluctance, Harini insists on helping her sister in this way.

Harini approaches her in-laws, who are engrossed in a TV serial, and expresses her desire to speak with them. However, upon hearing that Harini’s sister, Savi, has eloped from her home and may potentially stay with them, MIL voices her concern about potential criticism from society. Despite this opposition, FIL agrees with Harini’s reasoning and allows Savi to stay. However, MIL and Kiran remain hesitant. In an effort to gain their permission, Harini offers to do anything they ask of her. Kiran sees this as an opportunity to fulfill his own desires and slyly permits Harini’s request under false pretenses. Meanwhile, Ishan notices Savi taking refuge in a tea stall during a rainstorm and becomes worried for her safety. He approaches her and questions why she is there and if she has moved to the city permanently.

Upon his arrival at Savi’s home, she graciously offers him tea. She mentions that the people of Ramtek are known for their hospitality, unlike others who mistreat their guests. Soon enough, they engage in a playful argument. As he storms off to his car in frustration, he realizes that he left his keys and phone inside. He attempts to hail an auto while Savi, noticing his predicament, uses her hairpin to unlock the car door. He drives off in a huff, with Savi watching him go. Later on, Harini contacts Savi and shares the good news that she was able to convince her in-laws to let her stay with them for a while. Savi expresses her gratitude and promises to work on finding a way to transfer to the hostel as soon as possible.

Bhavani asks Ashwini to bring her some food, but Ashwini requests her to wait since she is preparing the meal herself without any assistance. Just then, Vinu comes home and Bhavani inquires about Harini’s drop-off at her in-laws’ place. Vinu responds, expressing difficulties in managing Harini’s behavior. Ashwini scolds him for his narrow-minded thinking while Bhavani defends Vinu and criticizes Harini’s actions. At the Bhosale residence, Surekha grows worried when Ishan doesn’t return home on time for dinner or inform her about his delay. She blames Savi for this, causing Shantanu to question their connection. Surekha explains that Ishan is upset because Savi was sent by Isha. Upon hearing this, Yashwant erupts at Shantanu for allowing Savi to attend an interview despite Ishan’s disapproval of admitting her. Together, they interrogate Shantanu.

Shantanu calls Savi and says her interview has been canceled. Savi gets tensed. Yashwanth reaches for his phone and asks him to inform Savi that her interview is as scheduled tomorrow. Shantanu informs Savi of the same. Yashwanth says that girl would have created a drama tomorrow, which is why he has successfully managed Bhosale institute. Shantanu asks if it is a crime to admit a deserving student. Surekha replies that Isha sent that girl after years.


Ishan notices her and asks if she hasn’t gone yet. Shantanu tells Ishan that Savi, as a 2nd year student, has solved a 3rd year problem, if he still thinks he is doing justice.


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