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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 28th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Natasha’s reassurance that everything is okay. Dhawal’s gaze shifts to Suman, who greets him with a smile. Maa inquires about the engagement ring, to which Pranali replies that Chirag and Dhawal will retrieve it. Maa commends Pranali’s efforts in decorating the plate, stating that even if the ring is missing, it won’t make a difference. She also compliments Pranali’s appearance and requests her to hand over the engagement ring. Taking notice of Dhawal’s comment on her grandmother’s shoes, Chirag suggests they start searching for the missing ring. However, Pranali declines to give up her own ring. Maa then suggests keeping a set of jewelry for Dolly in the plate instead, but Pranali disputes this decision as well. Maa explains that Dolly’s father is a wealthy businessman who can afford a lavish diamond set for Pranali while her own father works as a clerk at their office, hence she should settle for just the ring and pendant. This statement angers Pranali.

Hetal and Pranali go to get the fruits tray. Maa taunts Pranali. Dhawal does not leave Natasha’s hand. Her bracelet falls into the necklace box. Dhawal holds her in arms and saves her from falling. Suman smiles and dreams of their love jodi seeing them. Shesh says I’ll see him. Suman warns that he’ll beat you, don’t touch him, he’s gorgeous. Chirag stops Dhawal. Natasha goes and hugs Suman. She says don’t joke like that again.

Suman inquires about the man’s identity and if Natasha has feelings for him. She denies any romantic involvement, revealing that he owes her money due to a loss she suffered and had forced her to meet with her brother. Shesh then suggests Suman arrange their engagement, which makes Natasha upset. Chirag prompts Dhawal to retrieve the ring, but he explains he cannot as he wants to keep the girl from his rival and avoids getting scolded by Amrish. Chirag feels upset with Dhawal’s lack of concern for his engagement. However, Dhawal clarifies that he has booked the hall next to his college for both the festival and engagement preparations. Overhearing their conversation, Amrish signs a business deal with Bansi, welcoming him into the family and agreeing to give him 30% profit for investing 30% in their new mall. Bansi expresses gratitude and shares this news with Dolly, who turns around happily.

Dolly informs us that she is occupied today as it is her engagement, and she needs to go live. Amrish agrees with Dolly and asks Bansi to sign and seal the contract. After Bansi signs, Amrish congratulates him. Dolly reminds them that they need to make an entry for it. Bansi goes over to Dolly while Natasha demands her money from Shesh. Suman mentions that she wants to meet Dhawal, but Natasha strongly dislikes him due to his misogynistic behavior. She forces Suman to come with her, but Suman refuses. Suddenly, a lamp falls down, prompting Suman to suggest leaving promptly. However, Dhawal insists on going first while Chirag pleads for him not to ruin his life.

Dhawal notices Natasha’s absence and remarks, “As I said, she’s free to leave.” Maa then spots the bracelet and decides to keep it, adding, “I might as well take this too.” Just then, Dolly makes a grand entrance and Chirag grins at her. She questions the lack of excitement from everyone else, lamenting that her engagement has been ruined. Bansi approaches Amrish, who is currently on a call. Upon noticing the broken lamp, Amrish asks about Natasha’s whereabouts. Dhawal assures him that she will arrive shortly, but Amrish insists on her immediate return as he cannot manage Pandya store alone. Dhawal promises to handle it.


The bracelet is in the necklace box, Mittu says.

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