Anupama 24th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 24th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

As Anupama nervously awaits Pakhi and Adhik’s arrival for breakfast, the couple enters hand in hand, clearly in high spirits. Adhik courteously pulls out a chair for Pakhi as Romil voices his skepticism about their relationship. He points out a supposedly doctored social media photo and declares that everything these days is fake. Undeterred, Adhik and Pakhi continue to put on a show of affection. Anupama cautions Pakhi to stop her theatrics since Adhik does not truly love her, having physically harmed her just the day before. In response, Pakhi lashes out at Anupama, accusing her of trying to ruin their household. As Anupama realizes this was all just a figment of her imagination, Pakhi asks for some thepla and Anuj encourages Anupama to start eating breakfast. Meanwhile, Adhik and Pakhi feed each other as Romil silently seethes at their phony display.

In addition to cleaning the house, Hasmukh changes the sofa cushions. Leela asks Kinjal to clean the temple after cleaning the utensils. Kavya says she has already cleaned the temple, so she can’t sit idle. Leela claims her MIL made her work during pregnancy and didn’t let her rest. Hasmukh says Leela didn’t let Anupama rest when she was pregnant, so he begins a nok jhok with her.

Kavya and Kinjal say they look cute with their nok jhok and stop them. Hasmukh and Leela laugh. Dimpy passes by. Leela stops her and offers her broom and mop. Dimpy asks what it is. As she stands frowning, Leela says it’s the broom shah and the mop shah, they cleaned the side of the house and now it’s her turn to clean her side.

Akush asks Anuj what they should do with Mr Desai’s proposal. Anuj responds that after breakfast she will go to work and they can discuss it there. Adhik says he will also join them regarding the London project. Anuj says no need, he can take a break. Pakhi says Adhik is so supportive. Romil says he supported her cheek with a slap really well. Adhik frowns, but then acts smiling and says as he says.

Barkha shouts Romil. Romil apologizes, slip of tongue. Anupama asks Pakhi to finish breakfast soon and accompany her to the office. Pakhi mentions she’s planning to take a break before starting work. Pakhi says she’s not ready for it yet, so he can work on it with Adhik, who is an expert in it. Adhik refuses to work on it. Anu asks them to stop their drama.

Dimpy mops the floor. Samar walks down, ready for work, and asks Dimpy if she could give him breakfast. Dimpy says no. Leela gives him thepla and asks him to revisit his work with a fresh mind. Samar leaves. Dimpy stares at Leela as she leaves. Leela asks why she is staring at her, she would have given food to even Dimpy if she was going to work and instructs her on mopping the floor. Dimpy frowns even more.

Anupama reprimands Pakhi for treating the project like a laddu and serving it to her husband. She questions if there is any workplace where an employee can take a break without informing the management. As the project head, Anupama expects Pakhi to be present in the office. Pakhi argues that there’s nothing wrong with her husband working at her place. Anupama reflects on whether Pakhi would have the same attitude if she were working in a different office. Adhik mentions that he will follow Anuj’s suggestion and take a break, giving Pakhi the opportunity to go to work. However, Anupama reminds her to finish breakfast before heading to the office. Despite this, Pakhi states that she will not go to work.

Anuj asks them to stop it and asks Anu to join him and Ankush at the office. Pakhi is informed that he hired her in a professional capacity, that she must maintain some professional ethics and decorum and that the issue should be discussed at work. After leaving with Ankush and Barkha, Adhik walks into his room. Pakhi storms away, leaving Anupama frustrated.

Adhik’s game is understood by everyone except Pakhi, Romil says. Dimpy feels hungry after cleaning the house and considers ordering food outside. A cigarette packet falls from his pocket. Anupama notices it. After noticing the bowl missing, Leela thinks she should have notified and taken food, since children think they’re oversmart. She steals dhokla from Leela’s fridge silently and enjoys it.

Romil claims that everyone smokes. Anupama makes him read the warning on the packet and asks when it’s harmful to health and why he wants to smoke. Romil answers that smoking is swag. She gets Kinjal’s message to visit Shah house before she leaves for work. Anupama says showing his talent is swag, studying well is swag, serving the nation is swag; he plays guitar so beautifully, he should join professional class, and show his talent, etc..


While Shahs have power, Dimpy has no power on her side of the house. Leela says she should pay her electric bill. Dimpy says Samar is in the office, so they should pay it. Anupama warns her to pay her own bill since she separated. In response to Pakhi’s question, Anupama says she cannot forgive Adhik if she can forgive Vanraj. She says it’s cowardice to bear injustice and forgive the person instead of responding back.


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