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Anuj is coordinating the event and finalizing last-minute details. He notices the models are prepared and reminds them to speed up. Confirming with his assistant about costumes, hair, and make-up, he receives assurance that everything is in order. Anuj then requests the DJ to play background music, “Tum Hi Hamari Manzil I Love.” However, upon hearing it, he promptly asks for it to be stopped and asks if he has approved this song. Just then, one of his employees informed him that the show’s main attraction had not yet arrived due to a 3-hour flight delay after checking with the airline.

It is my intention to sue that idiot in court. He says he doesn’t like last-minute changes and says to fire him. Anupama comes to the same restaurant where she has come before and asks the lady guard if the money she has in her hand will be enough for water. His assistant asks who will be the show-stopper. She asks Anupama to come inside. The lady guard/waitress makes her sit and gives her water. Anupama offers the money. The lady takes it.

After quenching her thirst, Anupama reflects that we often only appreciate the value of water when we are in need. She expresses her gratitude to Kanha ji and is interrupted by a waitress who asks if she needs anything else. Anupama then inquires about potential food options and presents the necessary payment. The waitress promptly brings a croissant, which Anupama thanks her for before eating it. Moments later, she begins to choke and realizes the water bottle is empty. Without hesitation, the waitress provides her with more water. Suddenly, the restaurant boss appears and directs his attention towards Anupama. He questions why the outside light is still on and criticizes his employees for not conserving energy. In response, he fires an employee for arriving late again.

Anupama contacts him and introduces herself as Anupama Joshi. She explained that her passport, visa, and luggage had been stolen upon her arrival yesterday. Sadly, she has only one bag and no means to reach out for assistance. She reveals that she spent the night sleeping outside his restaurant and had to resort to dancing to acquire money for necessities like water and bread. Anupama expressed that she noticed the Indian cuisine advertised outside and assumed the owner – him – would offer her aid given their shared nationality. To this, he responds that his establishment is a restaurant and does not provide help in such cases. He adds that if she intended to beg for help, India would have been a more suitable venue for such actions.

Anupama speaks of the Indian people’s motivation for coming to foreign countries, stating that it is not for handouts but to earn a living. She draws a comparison to the listener’s own journey with only 12 dollars in their pocket. When asked about her knowledge, Anupama revealed that she learned this from a magazine while sleeping on the streets. She empathizes with the listener, understanding that they also come with high hopes and limited opportunities like herself. Anupama humbly asks for assistance, explaining that she needs to apply for a passport at the embassy before returning home to India. The listener challenges her, noting that she speaks confidently but wonders if she has achieved anything back in India.

She says she was not a beggar but a housewife, businesswoman, etc. Anupama asks for work. He says he fired the cleaner just now and gives him the cleaner’s work. In response to Anupama’s request, he asks the waitress to take her to the bathroom. Her thank you goes out to him. He tells her he has just 5 minutes to finish the work. Choti Anu shouts that my AK is the best, and Anu says so you…my love, too.

As Anupama prepares to begin her work, she eyes the kitchen. She reflects that if the house is her life, the kitchen must be its pulse. Despite not having had the chance to bathe, she takes a deep breath and enters the kitchen, apologizing to Goddess Annapurna. Greeting the chefs with a warm smile, she places a flower on the stove and imagines herself as a chef in a bustling restaurant. Meanwhile, Anuj welcomes the designer onstage and expresses his gratitude towards her. He also extends thanks to his devoted supporters and investors for making it possible to organize such an event in such a short period of time. Finally, he gratefully acknowledges his hard-working backstage team, who tirelessly endure his occasional anger and mood swings.

According to the reporter, you took this event management company five years back, and he’s curious to know whom you would give credit to. You reply that Aadhya, your daughter, deserves the credit. Choti Anu then takes the stage and expresses her love for you, while Anuj adds that Aadhya is his entire world. In the meantime, Anupama is busy washing utensils. Chef Vikram reminds her they have a dishwasher and wonders if she knows how to use it. In response, Anupama explained that she knows how to use one, but times have changed since they used to have a dishwasher at home. Chef Vikram then shares how the pandemic caused him to lose all five restaurants here.

He explains that his mother passed away, and his wife took their children to her mother’s house. He shares that he lost everything – his career, bank balance, and more – but his stomach and weight were the only things that didn’t leave him. Anupama comments on how much he has been through, yet he still smiles. He responds by saying that he forces himself to smile because if not, he will cry. Anupama then talks about how washing the dishes can reveal wrinkles on our faces. He dismisses this by stating that there’s no extra benefit in doing so. She counters by saying that she strives to improve herself through hard work. As she hands him a pot, she warns him that it will cause pain. In the background, a fashion show plays on TV. She starts to glance at it but quickly turns back to her task at hand. Anuj is briefly seen walking down the runway, but Anupama doesn’t notice him.


As Anupama serves the lady, she calls her Maam. She asks her to call her Shruti. Later, Shruti hugs Anuj.

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