Anupama 19th March 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anuj blames Anupama for losing his daughter and does not want to live with her.

Anupama requests Anuj to take care of himself at least even if he does not want to talk to her.  He is not even taking phone calls or talking to anyone else.  She tells him not to punish himself. 

Anuj says he cannot talk to anyone.  He does not understand how people can become normal so soon.  He says he has lost his only daughter.  He asks Anupama why she did not fight for Little Anu when she had promised she would do so.  She did not even allow him to fight for her.  She has her three children with her so she has not lost anything.  He had only Little Anu and now he has lost everything.  The house now feels like a cage and he is feeling suffocated.  Every corner of the house reminds him of his daughter.  He can only see her things around.  He not only misses his daughter but he feels defeated.  They could not win their daughter’s heart in so many months but Maaya managed it in 15 days. 

Anuj questions Anupama that she is always fighting for everyone else then why did she not fight for their daughter?  Barkha tries to intervene but Anuj shuts her up.  Anuj says Anupama has not only sent their daughter far away but she has also distanced herself from him.  He does not want to see her because he can only see his defeat whenever she is around.  Anupama who was once the love of his life is now the cause of his defeat.  That is why he does not want to look at her nor does he want to talk to her.  He cannot tolerate her presence anymore.  Now relationships don’t matter to him anymore. He has lost his trust in love and relationship.  When Anupama asks him if he trusts her he says he does not trust her anymore.  Anuj tells Anupama that at one time she was the reason for him to live but now he cannot live with her. 

Devyani and Dheeraj enter just then.  Anupama faints and they go ahead to help her.  Devyani asks what happened and why Anuj left without meeting them.  Anupama holds Devyani tight and cries.  Devyani is upset because Anupama did not tell her anything about what had happened.  Devyani asks how could Anuj not see Anupama’s pain.  Anuj tells Dheeraj that Anupama was at fault for giving Maaya 15 days’ time.  Dheeraj tries explaining to Anuj that Anupama has not done anything wrong.  Anuj does not want to listen to him but Dheeraj tells Anuj to accept the truth.  He explains to Anuj that after a lot of struggle, he and Anupama have got love and they should not lose each other.  Devyani is also consoling Anupama while Anupama tells her that Anuj has forgotten to live and she cannot bear to see him in that condition.  Anupama says she will be strong for Anuj because he needs her now.   Anupama cries saying her entire world has been destroyed.  She pleads with Devika to get Anuj out of this trauma. 

Devyani and Dheeraj had come to give them some good news but seeing the situation she did not say anything.  Dheeraj tells Anuj that they had planned to play Holi with them and give them the news of their marriage during the celebrations.

Dheeraj and Devyani getting married.

Dheeraj says after seeing Anuj and Anupama so happy when they met earlier they too decided to leave their past behind and settle down again.  Anuj is happy for Dheeraj and Devika.  Dheeraj explains to Anuj that even though Little Anu is gone he still has Anupama for whom he waited for 26 years.


Dheeraj shouts in the excitement that tomorrow is Holi.  Barkha reminds them that this is their first Holi after marriage.  Anupama says its Adhik and Paakhi’s first Holi together too.  Anuj hears them and walks out of the room.

While Anupama and Anuj are together Anuj asks her how could she forget everything so soon… and he walks away.

The song Jeeye to Jeeye kaise is playing in the background.

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