Faltu 19th November 2022 Written Episode Update

19th November 2022 Written Episode

At the start of the Episode, Faltu and Ayaan are seen heading away in a car. Charan informs his family about their departure and states he did not regret it as he wanted to support Faltu’s dreams. Aunt worries about what to say to Pappi now that the promised bride had left yet again. Ayaan then offers his assistance but is declined by Faltu who mentions that Ayaan had promised to see her match but had vanished at the last minute. He too remembers Badepa’s advice and starts searching for his phone which he believes fell somewhere but she refuses that it will be there. She also enquires if he returned from the airport just to help her out.

My father says I need to return home. Kanika says everything is ready, where is Ayaan, did Sid say right. Janardhan says I know him. Savi says Ayaan is responsible. Kanika says no, he would have been here, why did he lie to Suhana and disappear, if my Tanu’s heart breaks, that will be bad. Tanisha starts crying. Savi consoles her. Kanik argues with them. Janardhan says enough. She tells him not to speak to me in this tone, as I am not your employee, but a 50% partner.

She teases him about Ayaan, and he responds, “I trust him; however, if he violates that trust, our relationship will be over forever. I will give the business to Sid; you can give Tanisha’s hand to him if it pleases you.” Everyone is startled and Sid grins contentedly. Ayaan orders Faltu to change her clothes so Pappi and his henchmen don’t spot her quickly. After doing so, she states that she has ruined the wedding gown and they set off. He regrets Janardhan in silence, feeling guilty that there was no other option but to stop someone from following their ambition.

Pappi disputes with Inspector and is scolded by Charan to leave. He adamantly proclaims Faltu as his own and shoves Charan while his friend states the car driving away. Pappi concludes Ayaan is responsible for this and orders his man to search for them. It is realized that Ayaan and Faltu are at the airport, so Pappi and his men search for Ayaan’s car. Eventually, a person reveals it was headed towards the airport road.

Sid says mom, let’s celebrate. Faltu says I will walk, I won’t fly. Ayaan says get used to flying, and Pappi says I will cut Faltu’s wings, she wants to fly. Sumitra says it will be good if Ayaan doesn’t come on mahurat, then this house and property will be yours. Sid says Tanisha is my dream that will soon be completed, pandit and guests will arrive soon, and Ayaan is not here. She blesses him.

Faltu showed her ID to the man, and when he asked her name, Ayaan said that it did not matter and they should get on with their job. The man apologized, and Ayaan got two tickets to Mumbai. Pappi arrived at the airport and was stopped by security personnel. Meanwhile, Ayaan and Faltu were getting their tickets. When he saw Faltu leaving, Pappi insisted that she was his would-be bride and gave the guard money in order to try granting him access. But the guard asked him to leave, so Pappi called Ratan asking him to find out from Charan where Ayaan had taken Faltu. Ratan then proceeded to interrogate his son harshly, but his wife prevented him from going any further.

Angoori scolds the girls. Faltu’s mother says don’t touch my daughters. They argue. Ratan says I won’t sit in peace until you tell me about her. They leave. Charan says we have to remain patient, I will tell you when the time comes. Ayaan and Faltu arrive in Mumbai. Welcome to Mumbai, he says, don’t be scared of anyone, it’s the city of dreams, we have to show courage to achieve our dreams. I have to inform my family and friends.

Faltu asks if you don’t remember anyone’s number in the family. She replies that I remember my father’s number. He asks why you got sad, did you remember Pappi’s number? Faltu smiles and says I regret not slapping him. He said don’t know what Tanisha and Kanika were thinking, I didn’t reach for the engagement, it’s my engagement today, mahurat is at 9.30 pm. She gets away. He asks why you left my hand.

Here’s the recap:

It will be proven if I get insulted today, and Faltu gets attacked, that Ayaan isn’t my blood.

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