Teri Meri Doriyaan 9th October 2023 Written Update


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Angad tells Sahiba they need time to clear up the differences and misunderstandings that have happened between them recently and that they need to make a concerted effort, she should not forget that they are married, he has seen her at risk recently and he can’t see her in trouble, so he will take her home. When Sahiba tries to speak, Angad says she shouldn’t argue and follow him home instead.

She says he suddenly realized his husband’s duty, but where was it when he cheated and broke her heart? She must agree to stay at Brar mansion only for 4-5 days until the situation has normalized, Angad says, for the sake of his grandparents. Sahiba says she will never forget what he did to her. As Angad walks away holding Sahiba’s hand, he murmurs that it’s her imagination.

At Brar mansion, Japjot tells Simran it’s good that she invited all her friends for her birthday and jokes that she’s going to cut the cake. Simran says it’s her birthday and she’ll cut the cake, and Japjot can hold her hand while she does. Jaspal asks Simran what gift she wants. Japjot says they’ll give her something special since it’s her 11th birthday, but her first with them. She reminds Inder that she only wants the gift she asked for.

Seerat taunts Jasleen that she must know what she means as she is from Shimlapuri since she is materialistic like her mother Gayatri and Sahiba. As Simran wants Sahiba to attend her birthday, Inder apologizes for disappointing her. Japjot says Inder shouldn’t have promised Simran something he couldn’t keep. She says Sahiba will return. Seerat says Sahiba won’t come.

As Sahiba walks in with Angad, Simran is delighted to see her, while Seerat frowns and shouts what she is doing here. Sahiba tells Simran she is here to celebrate her birthday. Sahiba tells Simran she is here to celebrate her birthday. When Simran asks Seerat if she knew Sahiba was coming, she prepares her favorite pink drink, but Seerat says she didn’t know. Angad remembers Sahiba telling Veer and Gurleen that pink was her favorite color.

Angad describes how Sahiba’s life was in danger and what they faced today. Inder asks if the stalker is caught. Sahiba replies yes and says the stalker is Rumi, but calls him Karthik. Veer apologizes to Sahiba for bringing Karthik home and getting her in trouble. Sahiba asks whether Karthik had been home. Veer says he was unaware of Karthik’s intention and brought him home unknowingly. Sahiba says Karthik had been planning it for a long time.

Seerat continues to yell at Sahiba and says she cares for Angad and cannot see him in pain, but Sahiba returned and ruined their efforts. She and Manveer tried hard to get Sahiba out of Angad’s life and erase her memories, but Sahiba returned and ruined their efforts. The Barars silently tolerate Seerat’s yelling while he says she is only here for a few days.

As Japjot walks away, Sahiba walks behind her and asks if she is angry at her because she takes medicine after lunch. She agrees that she is upset because Sahiba disrespected Akaal’s request to return home. They were worried about her safety and so requested her to return home, but Sahiba was adamant then, so now she is back home for the same reason. Elders don’t say anything without a reason, she says.

As Japjot walks to her room, Seerat tells Japjot that Sahiba doesn’t listen to anyone and does what she thinks is right. Sahiba starts yelling at Seerat again. Sahiba tells Angad to explain to Seerat why she is here, and then he walks away. Seerat asks Angad not to bother because Sahiba won’t listen to him.


Sahiba celebrates Simran’s birthday. It turns out Angad’s first choice was Seerat, Angad was tricked into marrying Sahiba, and she wants to correct that mistake by getting him to divorce Sahiba and marry Seerat. Sahiba gets upset and leaves. As Angad walks behind her, he is shocked to see her attempt suicide by cutting her throat.


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