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Meet 24th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Sumeet and Raunak are together in a room when Raunak suddenly surprises her with a beautifully decorated space. Sumeet is taken aback and queries Raunak about his actions, to which he explains that it’s their bed and they should sleep together. Confused, Sumeet asks him why he thought of this idea. Raunak reveals that Shagun had suggested it to him. In a flashback, it is shown how Shagun manipulated Raunak into making Sumeet feel special by decorating the room and pressuring her to share the bed with him. Despite Raunak placing a bridal veil on Sumeet and attempting to force her onto the bed, she fights back and tries to stop him alongside Shlok, who has entered the room.

Shlok cautions Raunak to steer clear of Sumeet before exiting with her, which leaves Raunak fuming. Shlok then assembles the rest of the family and informs them of what happened. According to Sumeet, Raunak’s gaze is seething with rage and he could potentially be dangerous. To make matters worse, Raunak dons a mask and brandishes a trident. Sumeet recalls how the doctor had warned them that if Raunak’s demands were not met, he may cause harm to someone. In light of this, Shlok proposes going to the police station and confessing to breaking the contract in order to put an end to the game. However, Raunak takes matters into his own hands by locking everyone inside the room.

Priyanka inquires about Mayra’s whereabouts from Pankhuri, but their shock turns into horror as they see Raunak holding her. Their pleas fall on deaf ears as they try to reason with Raunak to release her. Priyanka reprimands Pankhuri for being negligent and leaving Mayra alone with an unstable person in the house. As Sumeet bursts through the locked door, everyone rushes out in a panic. They find Mayra placed in a cardboard box outside the house by Raunak. Shlok demands answers, but Raunak remains stubborn and refuses to reveal anything. Shlok and Sumeet hurry outside to search for Mayra, while Raunak taunts them by saying that if they want to find her, they must all kneel before him as a family.

Although Shlok and Sumeet search, they do not notice Mayra in the cardboard box, and she gets covered in newspapers. Raunak demands that the family behave like chickens to keep Mayra safe. Pankhuri and Poonam hold their ears in obedience, but Rajiv advises against following Raunak’s orders. Raunak claps gleefully when the family kneels down, which amuses him.

Mayra’s discarded cardboard box is among the other waste. It is then revealed by Raunak that he handed Mayra off to the scrap collector. Upon further investigation, Sumeet comes across Mayra’s chain and begins to suspect that Raunak had hidden her there. Unexpectedly, a man carelessly drops a lit cigarette, triggering a fire in the surrounding waste. Ashok informs Shlok that Raunak had left Mayra with the scrap collector. In the midst of the chaos, Sumeet hears Mayra’s cries and rushes to her aid. She carefully picks up the little girl and attempts to flee from the flames. Just as she thinks they are safe, Shlok arrives on the scene, desperately searching for them. Without hesitation, he grabs a nearby water pipe and does everything in his power to extinguish the blazing fire, determined to reach Sumeet and Mayra.


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