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When Sumeet recalls Pankhuri coming out of a medical store, he thinks she was scared. Sumeet goes to the medical store and asks the pharmacy staff to show him the CCTV footage. Sumeet watches Pankhuri buy hallucinating tablets during the footage of Raj and Pankhuri exchanging vows, causing Priyanka to cry. The shopkeeper explains that these tablets cause memory loss during the consumption period. Seeing how Pankhuri sedated Raj, Sumeet plans to confront her.

When Sumeet returns home, Raj and Pankhuri are making their vows. The media enters, questioning Raj about company losses and financial troubles. Sumeet advises Raj to play along and expose Pankhuri. Raj admits to economic difficulties and claims bankruptcy and loans. Despite this, he tells Pankhuri they can face responsibilities together, anticipating her true love.

Shlok insists on continuing the rituals, stating that Pankhuri is marrying for dignity, not money. Pankhuri hesitates, reflecting on Raj’s financial situation. While Raj prepares to apply vermilion to Pankhuri, she throws his hand away, expressing reluctance. Pankhuri reveals she does not wish to marry Raj, regretting removing Sarthak from her life with false accusations.

Sumeet intervenes, exposing Pankhuri’s manipulations, including sedating Raj and blaming Sarthak for recording Priyanka’s video. Priyanka slaps Pankhuri, and Sarthak apologizes to Sumeet for not revealing the truth earlier. Family members question Pankhuri’s actions, and Poonam emphasizes the loss of relationships because of money.

Raj and Sarthak apologize to Dadi and Poonam and acknowledge their misunderstanding. Shlok feels guilty for his harsh words to Sumeet because of Pankhuri. Raj thanked Sumeet for caring for him, and Priyanka also thanked him. Raj and Priyanka marry on the same mandap, and Shlok wonders if Sumeet will forgive him.


As Sumeet forgives Shlok for his behavior, he hugs him in front of everyone. Shlok gets a call from Sumeet and becomes worried. Sumeet tells him, I wish I could be like my mother, and now I feel like my destiny is taking me on her path. Sumeet asks him what happened.

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