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Meet spreads itching powder on Manmeet’s dress and says today’s competition is not just between us, but also between strength and intelligence. She hears someone unlocking the door. Sundari and Anuja walk in holding the pooja thali. Sundari says today you saved Anuja, and I will never forget that.

The reason we brought Prasad for you was that we really wanted you to win this wrestling match. Anuja asks how you’re going to win today. Meet says I won your trust, and hope is your best weapon. Jasodha says Guniya is here and everyone should call. Meet asks who Guniya is. Jasodha welcomes Guniya and tells her that two daughters-in-law are pregnant in the house. She then calls Imarti and Sapna. Meet asks Sundari who Guniya is.

With her holy vision, Sundari says Guniya can tell if a girl is pregnant with a boy or girl. Meet confused. Sundari says if they are expecting a boy, they will burst crackers and celebrate, but if it is a girl, they will cry.

Imarti and Sapna go to Guniya seeking her blessing, and Jasodha enquires about the baby. Guniya takes her hand as if in reassurance; Meet recollects what she was told by Sapna regarding the preference for a boy. She then grabs some firecrackers and lets them off, scaring everyone around. Not content with this, Meet also sends some towards Guniya, who gets frightened. Jasodha quickly scolds Meet, asking her what she is doing. Meet retorts back by questioning Guniya’s intelligence, before bringing forward a woman who is pregnant; challenging Guniya on whether she can tell if it’s a boy or girl. After observing the situation carefully, she says that it will be a girl.

A sarcastic Meet applauds, saying it’s a mistake, and she’s not even pregnant and asks what happened. Guniya stands up and says she’s not pregnant. In a mocking tone, Meet says we caught you lying and sex determination of a child is a criminal act, so if I want I can jail you. Having been disrespected so much, Guniya shouts that he will never return to Sarkarpur.

Then Meet says you can go on a World Tour. Gunwanti tries to stop her, but Guniya leaves. Meet says to Jasodha, you got angry because I told you we should celebrate if the baby is a boy or a girl. Gunwanti tries to scold her. When Gunwanti says to Jasodha, forget her, my son will win the wrestling match and asks someone to bring Manmeet a pooja thali. Jasodha says to her to forget her.

Jasodha does aarti of Manmeet. Sapna says to Meet that because of you, a great threat has been removed from our heads and I’ll love him or her the same. With today’s victory, Jasodha says to Manmeet that happiness will return to your life and you’ll be able to leave this house. In addition to wrestling, Meet asks for blessings as well and applies teeka to her forehead.

We will celebrate Holi without her after some time, Manmeet says. He walks over to Shagun and says we will do so together. Shagun ties a thread around his hand and says this protects him from evil eye and that she won’t be able to use black magic on him.

The fact that you all are scared that I might defeat Manmeet makes Meet feel good. Jasodha tells Meet there is no need to act smart, what do you think will change all the rules and regulations here because Guniya ran away? You don’t know if I signal her to come here, so I’m sure you did something to win the wrestling match. She calls Veera and asks her to pull out a sack filled with sand.

Veera tugged the rope and hoisted the sack in the air. Jasodha clapped and inquired, “Is this the same sack you were trying to frighten everyone with?” Tearing it open, a cascade of thermacol balls cascaded out and she chided: “You thought scaring him would make him retreat? Let me tell you something; men are born to win. To beat a man, you have to be stronger than him. Women -weak as they are- can’t do that, so get ready for defeat!”

Sarkar says everyone is waiting for you, go, Jasodha walks to him. Jasodha says what is more important than seeing your son wrestle? Sarkar says I have some important work to do, so try to understand and ask her to leave. Jasodha walks out of the room thinking something bad is going to happen, so he is staying at home.

A wrestling match is about to begin. Anchor welcomes everyone to the arena. Manmeet walks in and people cheer for him. Meet walks in, no one cheers for her. Men laugh at her. Manmeet takes his stance.


When Meet goes inside the wrestling arena, Manmeet tells her that she picked the wrong fight. They start wrestling and Manmeet throws her forward.

Meet gets up and lunges at Manmeet. Manmeet throws her back again. Meet gets injured, but still gets up and fights back. They both grab each other’s necks.

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