Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 9th March 2023 written episode update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Today’s episode starts with Kairav lifting Abhimanyu and taking him to the car, He drives him to the hospital with Manish and Manjiri.  Manish expresses surprise at Abhimanyu coming home and Manjiri says he had no plans of coming.  Akshara, Aarohi and Abhinav are also on the way to the hospital.  Akshara is disturbed when she looks at the blood on her hands.  Abhinav gives her his handkerchief to clean her hands. 

Suhasini prays for Abhimanyu.

At the hospital, everyone is in tears.  Mahima is treating him and says Abhimanyu has been upset since morning.  Rohan informs her that he has multiple injuries.  Aarohi wants to go in the room but Parth stops her and says she is in shock so she should not go.  Manjiri also cries and wants to go in but Suvarna and Manish make her understand that she should not go and ask her to sit and calm herself.  Manish is relieved that the kids did not see what happened.

Manjiri sees Abhimanyu’s wallet and cleans and kisses it.  She then picks up his phone and sees the number of calls Abhimanyu made to Akshara which she did not respond to.  She realizes that Abhimanyu must have been going to meet Akshara.  She looks angrily at Akshara and walks towards her.  Everyone is watching them.  Manjiri blames Akshara for everything that has happened.  She says Abhimanyu is lying unconscious because of her.  Manish asks why is she blaming Akshara.  Abhinav says that Akshara cannot be responsible for Abhimanyu’s accident.  She shows everyone his phone and the number of calls he made to her.  She says if not for Akshara then Abhinav would not have gone to the Goenka house.  Manjiri says Akshara why did she come back after so many years.  If anything happens to Abhimanyu then Akshara will be the cause of it.  Abhinav tries to calm Manjiri and requests her to calm down.  He asks her to think before saying anything.  Manjiri tells Neil that siz years ago we brought Neil to the hospital. He too was injured and we could not take him back because he died and Akshara was the reason for his death.  She says Abhimanyu broke down and wanted to die then.  Neil could not see his daughter. She tells Akshara that she has proved that she does not care for Abhimanyu by not taking his calls so what is the reason for her to run after him when he got into an accident?  She demands to know what is her relationship with Abhimanyu. Akshara leaves crying bitterly.  Manjiri says Akshara is doing the same thing she did some years ago by leaving Abhimanyu in an injured state.

Abhinav runs in search of Akshara.  She asks herself what was it that Abhimanyu wanted to say to her for which he called and he came home.  She goes in an auto and Abhinav is running after her.

Suvarna and Surekha come home and inform Suhasini that the operation is still on.  Suhasini enquires about all the others.  Surekha replies saying everyone is at the right place except Akshara who is at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Suhasini warns her to keep quiet as Muskaan and Abhir are at home.  Surekha says we saw how Akshara ran after Abhimanyu and she ran so fast that she forgot the last six years of her marriage, her husband and her child.  She also forgot that her sister is getting engaged to Abhimanyu.  Surekha says how many times will everyone sacrifice Aarohi’s happiness for Akshara.  Even Manjiri saw the truth in Akshara’s house.  Surekha says that nobody can separate Abhimanyu and Akshara.  Everyone has made a mistake by calling Akshara home. Suhasini realizes Abhinav is at the door.

Precap:  Abhir leaves a note at home and goes alone to see Abhimanyu. Akshara shows Abhinav the note and is worried.   Abhir reaches Abhimanyu’s ward and is looking at him through the glass.

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