Faltu 19th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 29th July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Ayaan expressing his intention to give the divorce papers to Charan. Govind assures everyone that they will find Faltu and tells Ayaan not to worry. Charan observes Ayaan handing over the divorce papers, stating that he has signed them, and despite his efforts, Faltu left, ending their story.

Meanwhile, Neil speaks to his Dada ji, who praises Faltu and advises her not to be affected by Neil’s words. Dada ji acknowledges Faltu for saving Neil’s life, and she explains that she understands the pain of being away from family, which is why she helped Neil. This angers Dada ji, and he scolds Neil, causing him to disconnect the call.

Janardhan intervenes and argues with everyone, suggesting that they should give some time to Ayaan to resolve the misunderstanding. He insists that a divorce is not the only option. Kinshuk supports this idea, saying that if there is no love and respect in the relationship, there is no point in turning back. Janardhan blames Ruhaan for creating this misunderstanding and insists that no divorce will happen in their house.

Later, Faltu brings Neil home, where they engage in an argument over money. Dada Ji comes out and embraces Neil, who complains about Dada Ji’s constant nagging. Dada ji acknowledges Faltu as Neil’s saviour. Neil takes money from Dada Ji’s wallet to pay the cab driver and offers money to Faltu as well. Faltu returns the money, stating that she will not spare him if she sees him on the road again. More arguments ensue between Neil and Faltu. Charan, determined to keep Faltu with him, reaffirms his decision and expresses his disappointment in the family’s lack of care and support for her.

Ayaan goes to his room, crying, and Savita asks Tanu to check on him. Govind shares that he has resolved the issue with Ayesha’s parents, and Ayesha is ready to come back home. Janardhan expresses frustration over their current predicament, and Sumitra suggests that Ayaan needs time to recover, dismissing the divorce as a minor issue.

As the arguments continue between Neil and Faltu, Dada ji questions Faltu’s name, and she scolds Neil, stating that she kept her promise to drop him home and is now leaving. A man arrives, informing them about the three waitresses. Ayaan becomes interested and scolds the man for not reporting earlier. He wants to know how Faltu got drunk that day. Tanu worries, knowing that Ayaan must not find out about Ruhaan’s involvement in sending those girls to kidnap Faltu. The episode ends with Ayaan demanding all the information and stressing about Faltu’s well-being. Kumkum suggests that they should find out the truth about the incident and determine if Ruhaan was responsible for it.


Charan insists that Faltu come with him to Ayaan’s house to prove her innocence, while Govind reveals that Ayaan is crying and admitting to having done wrong to Faltu.

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