Faltu 28th January 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu lies to the family. She thinks she got saved today, but what will she do next time? Kanika asks Tanisha to pay by check. Sid says he will find out. Tanisha says Ayaan shouldn’t know this, thanks for giving me money on such short notice. Faltu and her family make a puja for their operation. Faltu prays. Sid and Tanisha arrive. Kanika says anything is yours at any time. Ayaan asks why the donor’s name isn’t there.

Ayaan is upset. Sid sees Ayaan and hides her. She asks what they are doing here. Sid says he might see us. He thinks I won’t let you make a new beginning. He asks if Ayaan knows that you are Faltu’s donor. The man says one record is missing, I have to update it, who is Faltu’s donor? She says it means Ayaan doesn’t know anything, so we can’t go inside at this moment.

The doctor lies to the man and sends him. Tanisha and Sid give the doctor the money. Ayaan tells the man about the donor, Anusha Raichand, and says that Tanisha and Sid are not related. As Lajwanti prepares Faltu, Jamuna cries. Charan says he will call you at the hospital after Faltu’s surgery, happy days will come, don’t worry. As soon as your operation is done, I will stay with you until you come back home. Jamuna lights a diya for Faltu. Faltu prays. Charan and Pratap take her. Ayaan gets ready.

She says I know you are going to meet Faltu, it’s good, go there and see what precious gift I gave him. He lies about a meeting and leaves. Sid asks where Ayaan went, hospital? She says yes, send your man and find out why Ayaan went to the hospital. Sid says I will talk. Charan and Pratap get Faltu to the hospital.

The nurse asks him to sign a form. Charan says he will leave everything to Lord. Faltu cries and asks if I will be ok. He says yes, don’t worry. She worries and says don’t leave me. He says we are here, we will wait for you outside. When Ayaan comes to the hospital, she asks about Faltu’s operation details. The nurse asks his relationship with her. He says I’m her friend. She says to call your family member, then I can give you the details.

Ayaan asks Charan about Faltu. Pratap says Faltu asked us not to meet him. Charan says he will not leave him, we won’t stay scared. Charan says Faltu asked you not to meet her. Faltu recalls Ayaan. Ayaan says I tried to help Faltu. Charan scolds him. Ayaan says I left my marriage and went to save Faltu.

You spare us, you stay happy in your marriage, no need to think about us, Faltu paid a high price for coming here, don’t make her life miserable, just leave. Ayaan is sad.


In anger, Ayaan drives. Faltu’s blood pressure drops. Ayaan crashes.

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