Kumkum Bhagya 20th March 2023 Written Update

The episode begins with Ranbir looking in his cupboard and thinking what to wear. Despite not liking celebrating, Mummy throws a surprise birthday party. He gets a call from Mohit asking which site should be booked for the hotel launch. Mohit says today is the party for the partnership with Akshay. Ranbir asks him to cancel the party. He calls Akshay. Akshay answers.

Yes, Ranbir says, and he can’t have the party today. Akshay asks if the partnership has been canceled. Ranbir says no, and that he can’t be at two places at the same time. He says his mother threw him a birthday party, which he had forgotten to attend. Akshay says you forgot your birthday. Ranbir agrees.

In response, Akshay asks for the numbers of guests he should invite to the collaboration party. Prachi is sitting in front of him. Akshay tells her that today is the collaboration party. Pallavi comes and selects clothes for him. She tells him to get ready and says she forgot the flowers. Ranbir says he will arrange for the flowers. He calls Laali and asks her to bring flowers to the house for decoration, as well as inviting him to the party.

Ranbir says yes, I feel that you will come since I am calling you for work and I will give you 25000 rupees for your work, and it’s okay if you don’t want to. Laali says she’ll bring the flowers. Ranbir says I beaten your boyfriend. She says she’ll bring the flowers and asks him to send the address.

Khushi hears her. Ranbir thinks Chikchiki gave him a good idea, to give work to Laali, and she will talk to him about Khushi. Akshay says he is going to Ranbir’s house for his birthday party, and for a collaboration party as well. Ashok asks him to propose Prachi earliest possible or someone else will take her.

Ashay asks if you scare me. Ashok tells him he didn’t tell his mother either. He says that his friend used to love his wife, but when he saw her, he fell in love with her, but didn’t tell his friend. He says that he got his friend’s job done in Australia, so he went there.

Then I wooed your mother and married her. Akshay asks what did you do? Ashok says until you get your love, it is not yours. Akshay takes his clothes and asks about his friend Katiyal. Ashok says he had broken up with me, but I don’t regret it. Akshay says I didn’t realize you were such a clever person.

Dadi says Prachi was fighting with good memories today because today is Ranbir’s birthday. Shahana says that’s why she behaved strangely. Shahana says Prachi’s pain has increased since she came here and she gets some happiness from Khushi, so Dadi and Shahana decide to give her some time.

Ranbir likes the decoration and teases Prachi asking for a kiss. He asks her to promise to always celebrate Ranbir’s birthday. He says he will love her more and more, regardless of what she does. He tries to kiss on her cheeks and promises to love her forever. When he cuts the cake, Prachi asks him to promise to make her eat cake first. He tells her that when the candle light falls on you, you look very beautiful.

In the end, she promises him and wishes him a happy birthday. Dadi informs Prachi that Akshay has arrived. Prachi agrees and goes out. Akshay asks her why she is not yet ready for the collaboration party.

When did you tell me? Prachi asks when did you tell me? Akshay tells her to get ready fast, and tells her he has to give his partner a cheque. Prachi gets ready. Akshay asks how the two of you bear her.

Akshay says if I hadn’t lied to her, she wouldn’t have agreed to come with me. Dadi and Shahana say Prachi doesn’t like lying and ask him not to lie next time. Akshay looks at Prachi. Prachi asks what is the matter, tell me otherwise I’ll tell Dadi in the car. Dadi asks him to go and talk to her on the way. Prachi thinks what happened to him, he is crazy. Akshay leaves.

Dadi tells Shahana that Akshay is mad. Shahana asks now what will happen. Dadi says he doesn’t know what her fate holds and that she will be happy. When Aryan comes to Dida, he says your sister called. Dida answers. Pallavi asks her to call her Badi Dida. Dida talks to her Didi and Badi Dida asks her to give Ranbir a call.

Ranbir has come from the office, and he is getting ready. Badi Dida says they haven’t missed his party in five years. Dida says ok, and tells Pallavi and Aryan they can keep it a secret. In a conversation with Dida and Pallavi, Ranbir asks if she can call her friends, and Pallavi asks why she did not mention it before. Ranbir tells Pallavi that Akshay Tandon’s company has collaborated with his company, and that’s why he wants to celebrate by calling them.

Seeing that you were celebrating your birthday, Ranbir recalls Prachi. He stops thinking about her. Aryan asks if business is expanding. Ranbir says he suggested merging the two parties. Khushi asks Ranbir to read the predicted message. Ranbir reads today you will meet your love. Prachi wishes Ranbir a happy birthday. Ranbir asks for a kiss. Prachi kisses him on his cheek.

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