Kumkum Bhagya 3rd July 2023 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 3rd July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Prachi entering the kitchen, lost in her thoughts about Mihika’s words. She sits down on the floor. Vishaka and Manpreet notice her and question why she’s sitting there instead of welcoming the guy. Mihika asks Prachi if something is wrong. Prachi recalls Ranbir’s words about her welcoming him and says there’s nothing. Vishaka inquires about her condition outside. Prachi mentions feeling faint. Vishaka instructs her to prepare the aarti plate. Ranbir, too, remembers telling Prachi the same thing and worries about the purpose of his presence. He fears that Prachi might think he’s here for a challenge.

Meanwhile, Akshay contemplates Rhea’s words, and Ashok informs him that he’ll talk to Ranbir. Akshay leaves, and Ashok heads towards Ranbir. Ranbir ponders the situation and wonders who will save him from Mr Tandon. A lady compliments Ashok on Ranbir’s handsome appearance. Prachi believes Ranbir came here to play with Mihika’s feelings and trap her into welcoming him. She finds it unfair, considering Mihika’s past experiences, and feels the need to talk to her. Vishaka urges Prachi to arrange the aarti tray and welcomes the guy first. Prachi asks Mihika to accompany her to the storeroom to fetch ghee. Mihika reveals that the ghee is already available, but Prachi insists on getting fresh ghee. They step out, and Prachi expresses her desire to talk to Mihika. Just then, Akshay arrives and asks Mihika to join him. Prachi insists on speaking to Mihika, but Akshay requests her to allow them some time alone and takes Mihika away.

Akshay asks Mihika if she knows about him. Mihika replies that he didn’t know Akshay was her brother. Akshay advises her to break up with him. However, Mihika defends Akshay, describing him as a good person who has supported her during tough times and even takes her to restaurants to enjoy her favourite meals.

Akshay reveals to Mihika that the guy is married and discloses everything he knows. Mihika defends herself, claiming that there’s more to the story. Akshay suggests that the guy is just a rebound for Mihika to move on from her previous relationship and mentions the old guy. Mihika refuses to discuss him and questions Akshay about his own baseless and emotionless relationship with Prachi, suggesting that he is also a rebound for her. Akshay raises his hand to slap her but refrains from doing so when Manpreet arrives. Mihika embraces Manpreet, seeking solace. Ranbir, observing the situation, thinks poorly of Mihika, believing she has invited numerous people while the guy she’s interested in is married.

Prachi arrives and wonders silently why he has come there, suspecting he may be seeking revenge. Ranbir, in his thoughts, decides not to give her any significance as he didn’t come for her. Divya and Neha are charmed by Ranbir’s presence, recalling seeing him at Akshay’s wedding. Prachi believes he has come so that she will welcome him, considering his marriage to Rhea, and questions his intentions. Abhay arrives and announces that the aarti plate is ready. Prachi contemplates revealing the truth to Mihika, while Ranbir contemplates leaving. A guest lady stops him and asks him to wait, insisting he stands properly. He responds that he likes the way he is standing. Manpreet questions Akshay about raising his hand against his sister. Akshay explains that Mihika referred to his and Prachi’s relationship as a rebound.

Mihika defends herself, stating that she likes Prachi and understands her. Akshay informs them that the guy standing there is a result of Mihika’s wrong choice, as he is already married. He expresses his frustration with Mihika’s repeated selection of guys who can’t commit and blames her for the mistake. He reveals his concern that the same situation is happening again with Mihika bringing him there. Manpreet advises Akshay not to say anything further, warning that it will lead to destruction. She suggests welcoming him now and rejecting him later if Akshay doesn’t approve. Akshay asserts that he knows the guy well. Manpreet urges him to see the guy from Mihika’s perspective and reminds him that everyone is watching, emphasizing the need to avoid any drama. Akshay argues that Mihika forcibly brought Ranbir to prove him wrong. Mihika questions his accusations, accusing him of trying to get rid of her. Akshay informs Manpreet that Mihika’s claim of a relationship between them is false and could create problems in the household. Manpreet advises him to speak to Ranbir and clarify her doubts.


Prachi interrupts Ranbir and Mihika, preventing them from kicking the Kalash, stating that only a married couple can perform that ritual. Ranbir responds, saying, “Like Akshay and you.”

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