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The goons in the episode snatch Aaliya’s phone. While Aaliya is inside the car, she reprimands them for not answering the call. She explains that Ranbir and another person had locked them in a cupboard earlier, and as they were leaving, a girl and another guy came and locked them in the washroom. The goon informs her that they are currently trapped in the washroom.

She informs them that Ranbir could be seated on the wedding altar as the groom, ready to marry Prachi. She expresses her intention to find a suitable place to keep him. Aaliya scolds the goons and urges them to call someone for assistance.

The Pandit asks Akshay and Prachi to reveal their ancestral lineage (gotra). Dadi questions whose gotra it is, to which Vishaka responds that they are unaware. Ashok asks Akshay if he even knows his own name. Dadi mentions that Bhaisaheb himself had informed them. Vishaka asserts that their gotra is Angiras.

Behind the guests, Abhay and Divya stand. Divya switches off the light. Prachi calls out to Akshay, urging him to show his face. She expresses her suspicion, stating that she has a feeling that he is not Akshay at all.

She says if you don’t show your face then I’ll get up and leave from here. She says if you don’t show your face, then I’ll move your sehra. Dadi tells Shahana to contact the event manager and ask why the light went out. Ashok instructs Akshay and Prachi to take their seats. Vishaka suggests calling the electrician.

Prachi is busy talking to someone. Abhay takes Ranbir from there. Divya counts till 10 and switches on the lights, but they flicker again.

Prachi takes Akshay to the side and says I want to talk to you about why the light went out. Abhay locks Ranbir in the washroom. Ranbir wonders what’s wrong with him.

She says I want to see your face as I feel you are someone else and says I don’t want any excuse, that I have a phone and will see your face with the phone light, and that if you do not show your face, I will leave. Akshay reveals his face and questions Prachi about the reason behind her distress. At that moment, Shahana arrives and calls for Prachi to join her.

When Divya checks the fuse, she assumes that the light went out because of it. Prachi comes to the mandap. She tells Shahana that she thought Ranbir was on the groom’s side.

In order to avoid mahurat, pandit ji says we will use mobile lights for the marriage. Akshay checks Akshay’s face to confirm. He says I have locked him in the bathroom. Akshay asks him who he is. He says I came here to see Prachi’s wedding. He says you will marry him today.

He informs Abhay that Prachi is astute and realizes that he is not wearing the sehra. Abhay insists that he should wear the sehra immediately. The goon’s girlfriend frees them from the bathroom. The goon instructs her to leave as they plan to create smoke in the area. Dadi suggests that the girlfriend might be from their side. Vishaka questions Dadi if she belongs to their side. Dadi denies it, stating that she must be from their side.

During the havan ceremony, the Pandit replaces the ingredients, resulting in the formation of smoke. Everyone begins to cough. The goons arrive and take Akshay away. Aryan notices Ranbir’s absence and starts searching for him. The Pandit remarks that something seems amiss with the ingredients.

Aryan comes out and looks for Ranbir. Divya manages to put the fuse back. Ranbir shouts for help and thinks he doesn’t have a phone.

When he hits on the door, he asks God, what do I do now, you won’t help me. Aryan believes Mom’s goons have kidnapped Ranbir and decides to do something. He then leaves. Everyone is perplexed about Akshay’s whereabouts and attempts to contact him, but his phone is left behind. Abhay volunteers to search for him and requests Divya to assist in the search.

She calls the goons and asks if they have kidnapped Ranbir. The goon says we have kidnapped Ranbir and leaves from there at 80’s speed. Aaliya says not to get down from the tempo and reach the place she has messaged them.

The goon informs them that Aaliya instructed them to keep him in the storage unit, promising that once they hand him over to her, they will no longer have to deal with him.

Ranbir thinks Akshay is not good, so he has replaced him on the mandap. He thinks I won’t allow Akshay to marry Prachi.


The goon questions Aaliya, asking why she is standing away from them. Aaliya says she is hiding so that Ranbir doesn’t see her face. Akshay is in the bag. Divya goes to the washroom. Ranbir comes out and comes to the mandap. Ashok asks Pandit ji to start the marriage. Aaliya says Ranbir will now become my Rhea.

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