Kumkum Bhagya 9th March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Ranbir promises Prachi he will do it. He climbs on the ladder and fixes the bulb. He gets hurt. Prachi blows his hand and comments that he always hurts himself. Prachi says you should be careful. Ranbir says I didn’t expect it to be hot. Prachi says the wire got loose. Ranbir says your boss’ son fixed the wrong wire, and the light went out.

Ranbir asks Prachi what her favourite colour is. She answers in red. He says so the yellow wire must be connected. He connects the right wires and the light comes back. Prachi and Ranbir suddenly hold each other. Ranbir says it’s mine. Akshay asks what? Ranbir says, Prachi. Akshay thanks her for fixing the lights. He says Dad was upset with me and thanked her for helping.

Prachi says Ranbir helped her. Akshay thank Ranbir. Prachi goes from there and cries. She recalls Ranbir accusing her of losing Panchi. After seeing him, she feels sympathy, love, and care for him. She thinks she has to stop thinking about him. She collides with Kaya and recalls what she said. During the conversation, Kaya apologizes and says that she apologized for overreacting at the mall. She says that she doesn’t understand what is happening to her, she’s feeling strange.

Prachi says many people go through this phase many times, but the realization of the mistake is most important. Kaya says such people are few and far between. Kaya asks if you have 10 minutes, and then says her problem is not big, so they shall have coffee and talk about it. Prachi adds she can say the same for you. Akshay asks Ranbir if Kaya likes him. Ranbir says no, she doesn’t like me; she isn’t like normal girls. Akshay says Kaya has never recommended anyone to Dad.

Akshay asks Ranbir for the project details. Ranbir explains that his cabin is classy and made with care. He says it is elegant and classy. According to Akshay, Ranbir’s project has potential and he needs to fund it as Kaya recommended. Ranbir asks him to fund the project only if he wants. Akshay replies that if someone else had been sitting in his place, they would have jumped from the seat and thanked him.

Akshay says he doesn’t keep any favours, so I will fund all your problems. He says this is for three reasons: your project is genuinely good, I believe in profits, and I like you personally because you are confident. Since you have done so much for me in lock-up, he says let’s lock the deal. Ranbir thanks him.

When Prachi asks Kaya about her problem, Kaya says let’s drink coffee first. She says it’s not a big deal. Prachi says don’t be formal, we’re friends and you can share with me. Kaya tells Prachi that her friend has a problem. As your friend, I understand. Kaya says my friend has feelings for a guy and is not sure how to tell him. She says the guy cares for her, is truthful and doesn’t try to impress any girl, he respects women and is unique.

Prachi asks Kaya what the problem is. Kaya replies that her friend likes him but can’t tell him. Prachi tells her friend not to be scared to tell him. Kaya answers but she will know what is in his heart.

Trying to figure out what’s in his heart, she asks. Prachi says when a guy loves a girl, the girl becomes his world, and he doesn’t care about himself or others, he does everything for her, he won’t let her be insulted, he’ll shield her, he won’t make her feel alone, he’ll handle her always, and his goal is to keep her from crying. Kaya asks if you also felt this way and apologizes for reminding her about the guy. Prachi asks her to ask her friend to express her feelings.

Kaya wonders what she did after sharing her feelings with Prachi. She thinks she must find out what is in Prachi’s heart. Prachi comes back and calls Kaya since she has given her her phone.

Getting a pen is Akshay’s first step. Ranbir asks Akshay if he has any questions for him. He says he wants clarity between them. Ranbir asks him whether he is married. Ranbir asks Akshay what is in him that will make her like him. Akshay says he loves someone, but that girl can’t forget her past, and he doesn’t know if she likes him or not.

Akshay asks Ranbir to see her and asks if she will love him. Ranbir says she won’t, the way you told me about her, she will reject you. Ranbir is about to hug Kaya for the project and stops.

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