Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2023 Written Update

Khushi is brought to the godown, where the kidnappers threaten to kill her if she shouts. Shakti asks if she will shout. Khushi says, “I know you.” The goon tells Shakti that he doesn’t like children and that he hit a girl who was crying on the wall and she died. Shakti wonders if he came to save her.

Balbir says he is not scared of Khushi and doesn’t care if she sees him or not. Shakti asks what your plan was. He says you didn’t come in front of Khushi. Khushi gets up and tries to run. Balbir asks Shakti to see what’s going on since the middleman isn’t picking up the call. Khushi hides inside the table, takes out Ranbir’s phone and calls him, wondering what is wrong with him. Ranbir thinks of calling the doctor.

He picks up Khushi’s call and finds out that she is kidnapped. Ranbir hears the goon voice asking her to come out as he tells Doctor about his anxiety and emotional pain. Khushi asks Ranbir if he is scaring her. Ranbir says no, and asks her not to be scared and says I love her. He says he will rescue her when the goon catches her again.

A goon Tiger captures Khushi. He says he is going to take you away from there, but you need not be afraid, I promise that I will save you. He asks her to tell him everything she sees there, even if the phone falls. The phone is hidden. Khushi says there is a tiger tattoo on the goon’s hand, there is a train sound, and there are boxes and nets here, and it is dark as well. Shakti finds the phone and says hello.

Angry, Ranbir breaks the phone and asks him to leave Khushi silently. He promises to save him if he leaves her, otherwise, he will break his hand. Shakti laughs loudly and says thank you. Someone is knocking on the door. The goons try to hide Khushi. Prachi says open the door and knocks on it. Balbir tells the goon he will see. Khushi sees him. The door opens.

Balbir sees the two men and asks Tiger not to make a mistake, telling him to do her deal. Tiger takes Khushi in the bag and ties it. Khushi prays that Shiv will be sent. Juhi says if he went to his enemy brother, who is very dangerous. Prachi says we should go there. Laali says, but he is very dangerous.

She says everyone knows where he is, but she is scared because he is a murderer. Prachi says she has to go for Khushi. Laali agrees. Prachi says she will drop Juhi and her mother. As Shakti asks Tiger what they will get, Tiger says Balbir will get a lot from Willson, but what we will get? Tiger says we are helping our friend. Shakti says nobody does this for help.

He goes to talk to Willson. Tiger sits and appreciates Shakti. Balbir tells him he will give him money, but they won’t be friends. Khushi is in Ranbir’s car, he thinks nothing will happen to her, if anyone touches her his 7 generations will repent. He calls his friend and asks where he is. His friend answers he’s here.

The friend tells Ranbir that his Khushi has been kidnapped and that she has her phone. Shakti tells Balbir that they will do the deal together. Khushi looks at the phone when the goon sees him. He takes it, checks it out, and says it has games too. Another goon comes over and asks him to tie her up. Balbir assures Shakti that he is right, and says Khushi is very clever, and he says he might come here if she calls someone.

Upon entering his friend’s workspace, Ranbir searches for his laptop. His friend suggests we approach the Police. Ranbir says we will involve the Police when the time is right. His friend finds his laptop in the bathroom and asks him to track Khushi. The friend tracks Khushi’s location. Ranbir worries about Khushi.

A guy asks Prachi for 5 lakhs Rs. Ranbir asks the friend to open the bag and they find another girl. Ranbir says she’s not Khushi. The guy asks Prachi why she cares for this girl. Prachi replies that she’s my daughter.

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