Faltu 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

As the episode begins, Kanika asks the girl to do as she was told. She says to record everything well and clearly. The girl says not to worry. The girls wake up Faltu and fool her about Vishal. Faltu asks how Vishal can say he wants to oust you, he was impressed with my batting, you go sleep, it’s a misunderstanding. The girls lie to her.

They ask her to go immediately. Faltu goes to Vishal’s room and the girls record her. Faltu wonders if it is okay to go to someone’s room at night. Faltu knocks on Vishal’s door. She says sorry, I want to talk about something imp. He asks what it is, come in and discuss. The girl says we have to record the scene when Vishal scolds her and makes her leave.

It seems some girls heard you talking about me, did I do something wrong? Tell me, I will prove I’m not rude. He asks if you come now to say this. She responds that I wasn’t coming, those girls asked me to talk now. He asks are you mad, they told you and you came here as a fool, get out of here. He forces her to leave the house. He tells her to talk to me in the morning. He shuts the door. They run to their room. Faltu says you sent me at this time, Vishal got angry, how would he react? She says sorry, let me sleep.

Tanisha asks Ayaan why Kanika got Vishal to the academy. He says I’m not talking about Faltu. She asks what he’s talking about. Ayaan says Vishal isn’t right for this job. Kanika is working hard, a wrong coach will ruin her career, and if you don’t understand this, it will be too late. It’s morning, and Faltu warms up. Vishal arrives.

She says I’ve punished myself, I want to make my country proud. He asks the girls to run around. She apologizes for last night, I made a mistake. He says it was my fault. Whenever I make a mistake, please let me know, and I will fix it. He says good. She leaves.

Kanika and Tanisha smile seeing the video. Kanika says everyone will now say Faltu went to the coach and said something wrong, so he threw her out. Tanisha you and Ayaan will go on honeymoon, so he won’t be here to help Faltu. Janardhan says you are more excited than them. Kanika says obviously. She asks Ayaan to prepare. Kinshuk jokes. He calls everyone. Savita asks why he called everyone. Kanika says finally Ayaan and Tanu are going on their honeymoon.

Kanika goes on call. She asks them to work out their plan. The girls ask Faltu to cook something for them at the canteen when Ayaan and Tanu return. The girls gossip about Faltu. The girls make Faltu’s video. Ayaan is on his way. Kanika says my car broke down, so you had to drop me at the academy.

Ayaan asks Kanika and Tanu to carry on, he has some work, and Kanika insists he has a cup of coffee with them. Vishal asks what’s going on. Faltu has made daal, baati, and churma for you. She serves it to Vishal. Ayaan, Kanika, and Tanu look at it. The girl says Faltu made this, especially for you. Kanika asks Ayaan to come. Faltu thinks Ayaan is fortunate to have seen this on his own. Ayaan gets angry and leaves. Tanu says wow Mom. Kanika asks her to come.


Ayaan calls Sid and asks for proof. Sid says your wife knows this truth, you can ask her.

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