Faltu 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

In today’s episode of Faltu, Ayaan emerges from the washroom shirtless, prompting Faltu to shriek and flee with her eyes shut. As she trips and nears the ground, he steps in to keep her safe. She questions why city-dwellers often wander around without clothing, and then he inquires about the whereabouts of his apparel. To his amazement, Faltu reveals that due to the heat in the desert, they store their clothes in the refrigerator for them to be kept cool.

In response to Ayaan’s request for his shoes, Faltu shows him a briefcase with scorpion sand. He warns him not to speak a word about the hotel because it is nothing like the pictures they have posted online. Faltu warns him not to say a word.

As a cricketer, Ayaan asks Faltu why the washroom has no hot water. He says he needs hot water to calm his mind and body. Faltu asks Su why Ayaan drinks bitter juice. Su tells Faltu that it is to cure bitterness in him. In order to avoid bitterness, she asks her not to speak about cricket in front of him.

A cricket competition is being held with prize money of one lakh, which Pratap’s mother informs Faltu about. She gives Faltu a lehnga and tells her to wear it.

To celebrate Navratri, Janardhan and his family meet Tanisha’s family in the city. Inquiring about Ayaan, Tanisha’s mother asks Janardhan if he has gone to Rajasthan for business. Tanisha’s mother is worried about the wedding date. Janardhan assures her it will go smoothly and Ayaan will return soon.

According to Siddharth, no one knows Tanisha better than him, not even Ayaan, as they have been friends for a long time.

She gets ready in a ghagra choli given by her mother. Her father compliments her and so does her Kaki, making Faltu surprised. Pappi arrives while they are doing aarti. He tries to make a grand entrance but falls face-first.

If anyone saw him fall, he asks his aids. He asks Ratan for the prasad and moves towards Faltu, telling her that his balma has arrived. Faltu calls him Pappi kaka and says that she is going to play garba. Both Ayaan and Su attend the village garba festival. He asks Faltu to apologize, but Faltu denies, saying that he said mean things about her guest house and so she didn’t apologize. Ayaan bumps into Faltu again and starts arguing with her.

Kanika receives a call from her guruji who informs her that they cannot match the Kundli tonight since the mahurat is bad. She also requests that their guruji match Ayaan and Tanisha’s Kundli.

Faltu goes away without replying to Ayaan’s question about why everyone calls her Faltu.

During the Garba celebration, Faltu meets Ayaan. At home, Faltu’s parents have decided to get her married to Pappi Ji, who is twice her age. Pappi Ji warns them either to get Faltu married to him or to pay his debt within ten days.

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