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Meet 11th March 2023 Written Episode Update on

She is on the ground. Chanda cheers for her and says, “You cannot lose.” Anuja also prays for Meet. Mahendra says, “Now that Meet is down, she won’t wake up, because my brother won the smallest match in history and set a world record.” He asks everyone to leave. As Meet moves her hand, she tries to wake up. Meet runs towards Manmeet. Manmeet throws her to the ground. Everyone cheers for Manmeet. Sundari and Meghna get worried about Meet.

Meet struggled to stand up for another round. Everyone started cheering for her. Meet signalled Manmeet to come forward. People cheer for Meet. Manmeet runs towards Meet to slap her but stops in between. Mahendra says hit her severely so she cannot stand again. Jasodha and Shagun also ask Manmeet to hit her. Everyone cheers for Manmeet to hit her. Meet falls on the ground. Jasodha says she told me earlier that men and women are not equal. Shagun tells Manmeet no one can stop us now.

Insofar as Meet Ahlawat holds her hand, he asks her how can you defeat him so easily. Because you are an Ustaad, you cannot lose to a wrestler, and you also know that every woman in Sarkarpur will also lose, so you must gather your strength and get up. I trust you will defeat him if you wake up. I can’t forget what you sacrificed for me, today either I’ll fulfil our dream or will come to you.

Guruji says if Meet doesn’t get up in the next 10 seconds, Manmeet will win. Guruji starts counting from 10. Meet gathers her strength and gets up before Guruji finishes counting. Lady applauds for Meet. Meet says I haven’t lost yet. Everyone applauds her. A necklace is brought to Guruji by Inspector Bhati, who asks him to give it to the winner since no one knows who won the match better than you. Until now, no one challenged Manmeet, but this girl challenged him and met him, so he gave her the necklace.

It’s not possible that Manmeet threw Jasodha to the ground. Mahendra tells Guruji you’re doing something wrong and declares to everyone that technically my brother won. Guruji says to Manmeet all the rules of this match were made by you and do you think I did something wrong? Meet won the match and I lost it, so I accept my defeat because I changed the rules.

Now, Guruji says, you must not ask Manmeet to leave the house since she was standing in the arena with you. Mahendra says this is wrong and walks away. Shagun rushes to Manmeet and hugs her, saying you said you would win the game, so why did you change the rules now?

I would have felt nothing had Manmeet won the game since he gave a woman a chance to fight against him and he played by the rules. Guruji put Manmeet’s hand down and picked up the hand of Meet. As Inspector Bhati says, this wrestling proves that women and men are equal, and women’s strength is their never-giving attitude. Several women get inside the arena and cheer Meet. Jasodha remembers what Swamiji told her about Meet living permanently in her house.

The woman on the other side asks Sarkar if he is ready to identify the real culprit. Sarkar says the real culprit is someone close to him. She says I am standing behind him. Sarkar turns around and sees Imarti.

Sarkar asks who is trying to trick me. Imarti says your wife Jasodha. Sarkar gives her a tight slap and says I will never trust you if you try to use her name again. Sarkar says you are lying. My Jasodha can’t do anything like this. I know you won’t believe me if I tell you something, but what if I show you evidence? Imarti asks if you have the strength to see the truth.

Don’t cry, Manmeet tells Shagun. We don’t care whether Meet lives or dies. Tomorrow we will celebrate Holi and we will win. Her ego will bow down to ours.

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