Meet 21st October 2023 Written Episode: Sumeet and Shlok’s Struggles for Success

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Sumeet mentions to the group that 24 hours is sufficient time to take on new orders. She is currently promoting her event decoration services in the market. Meanwhile, Shlok is attempting to speak with a producer at a music company, but security denies him access. Sumeet hands out her business card to someone interested in event management. The person then brings up a previous incident where a fire disrupted Chaudhary’s Decoration’s ability to fulfill an order, resulting in damages for the client. Sumeet tries to reassure the person and regain their trust. However, another individual interrupts and recognizes Sumeet as being from Chaudhary’s Decoration. They bring up the same issue and ask her to leave. Shlok also tries to enter but is pushed away by security and asked to leave.

Shlok was on a call, attempting to persuade a producer to take a break, but the call ended abruptly. He recalled Sumeet’s advice to put in more effort to achieve their dream. Suddenly, he noticed someone playing guitar on the street. Without hesitation, he approached the guitarist and suggested they collaborate by him singing while the other played. The passersby were captivated by Shlok’s voice as Sakshi stepped out of her car upon hearing it. She walked towards Shlok and watched him perform with admiration. The crowd erupted in applause, giving praises to Shlok’s talent. One man even remarked that despite appearing well-off, Shlok had no qualms about performing on the street.

Shlok expresses his desire to become a successful singer, but Man reminds him that many people share the same dream without achieving it. He then inquires about Shlok’s marriage and responsibilities. Shlok reveals that his wife supports his singing aspirations and is currently handling their duties. Despite this, Man mocks him and suggests he should feel embarrassed. Meanwhile, Sumeet visits the temple and prays for some work after wasting 8 hours in the last 24 hours. It is as if, by divine intervention, a red chunri falls on her as a blessing. A little girl approaches Sumeet.

As Sakshi claps and praises Shlok for his personality, he defends his integrity in front of strangers. He explains gender equality and asks them to respect each other. The guitarist greets Sakshi and tells him she owns a huge music company. Shlok is shocked by this.

I won’t charge you for this chunri because this is the blessing from Mata Rani, the girl tells Sumeet. If you take money from me, I will feel good. The girl tells Sumeet that this is my earnings and I will use it for my sister’s marriage; she says we are orphans and she will marry at a community wedding. The girl prays. Sumeet says I have found my next project.

Sakshi believes you must come to me for your career now since Sumeet is at the collector’s office. However, the secretary informs Sumeet that he cannot meet without an appointment. After thinking about it momentarily, Sumeet clarifies that he is not there for financial gain; instead, he came to show his support and assist those in need. He asks the secretary to please allow Sakshi to meet with the collector just this once. In disbelief, Shlok verifies Sakshi’s true identity from the guitarist. Sakshi then holds her phone with a photo of Shlok and mentions that she knows he must have many questions.

The guitarist remarks on Shlok’s good luck as Sakshi is interested in him. She declares herself his only chance to fulfill all his dreams, stating that once he realizes this, he will hand over control of his life to her. Shakun confirms this with a smile while Pankhuri begins her usual dramatic display upon seeing Papaji. Concerned, he approaches her and asks what she is tearing. Pankhuri reveals that after seeing Shlok and Sumeet together, she misses Sarthak. Papaji urges her to stop crying, and Pankhuri shares that she was feeling depressed, so she consulted a Panditji about her marriage. According to Panditji, her marriage was bound to end at some point, and she believes that marrying Sarthak was a mistake, just like Papaji’s marriage. Worried about Raj and Priyanka repeating the same mistakes, Pankhuri suggests matching their kundalis to check for potential problems.

When the kundalis match, Papa agrees and walks away. Pankhuri brings out two kundalis and burns the original to sabotage Priyanka’s happiness. He keeps the fake one so that their kundalis don’t match. In Pakistan, the collector praises Sumeet for his work, but he asks Sumeet why he wants to be in charge of community marriages and how it will benefit him. Sumeet says I am here to make this event memorable and wonderful.

In response to the collector’s statement that we have no budget for pandits, Sumeet says, “I promise everything will be done within your budget. Give me one chance.” He says he has never seen a wedding planner at a community wedding and asks her to leave. Sumeet leaves. Goons are standing outside Chaudhari’s house, asking for money. When Poonam calls Sumeet, he says, “Don’t worry, I’ll figure it out.”

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