Meet 22nd June 2023 Written Update


Meet Written Episode, Written Update on for 22nd June 2023

Raj reprimands Shlok upon witnessing him embrace Sumeet. Fueled with fury, Raj charges towards Shlok, but Sumeet steps in, clarifying that Shlok is Abhay’s cousin who has arrived to announce the news of Abhay’s mother accepting Vani’s hand in marriage. Sumeet advises Shlok to go inside and share the joyous news with everyone. Raj offers his apologies to Shlok and extends an invitation for him to join the celebrations, however, Shlok declines and leaves. Masum cannot contain her excitement and expresses her disbelief at Vani marrying the one she loves. Vani speculates that Sumeet’s influence may have influenced Abhay’s mother’s decision.

Shagun discovers family photos of Meet and ponders her plans. She believes she has held onto these photos for years and now intends to put Sumeet through a lifetime of hardships, even with Raj unable to help. In contrast to Meet’s determination, Sumeet considers Shagun’s remarks about her inability to sell flowers. Shlok calls Sumeet, praising her and encouraging her to never give up. Meanwhile, Abhay and Vani try on their engagement dresses.

When Abhay’s father arrives at the engagement ceremony, Masum inquires about his mother, who explains that she has taken an oath to not attend any of the functions until they are over, in order to prevent ill omens from manifesting. Abhay clarifies that his mother is his stepmother, but she cares deeply for him. Raj assures Masum that he will ensure that nothing goes wrong for Vani. Abhay’s father asks Shlok to collect Shagun’s belongings from the car.

Meanwhile, Dadi informs Raj that one bag of Shagun money is missing, and Sumeet shows him Meet’s bike and expresses her desire to ride it like her mother.

Sumeet seeks Shlok’s help in learning to ride a bike. Graciously, Shlok accepts a money bag from Sumeet as a sign of good luck, containing 51 rupees. While conversing, Raj spots the money bag in Shlok’s pocket and assumes it was stolen. The priest then announces that Vani and Abhay are a perfect match, scheduling their wedding for seven days later. Unexpectedly, Shagun asks the priest to check her compatibility with Sumeet. After analyzing their horoscopes, the priest predicts that while Shagun has a favorable birth time, there may be challenges in her future. Despite this warning, Shagun ridicules her fate by imagining Sumeet as her servant.

During the bike-riding lesson, Sumeet falls down while attempting to ride alone. Wonder boy’s photos spill out of her bag, prompting Shlok to playfully tease her about being a fan. Realizing that they work at the same office, Sumeet asks Shlok if he is familiar with wonder boy. The two engage in a delightful conversation and Sumeet eagerly urges Shlok to reveal his identity. With a mischievous grin, Shlok tricks Sumeet into thinking that he is the wonder boy. However, his friend informs him that Sumeet will discover the truth after the event which is in just two days. Despite this, Shlok believes that two days are enough time for love to blossom.

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