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Shlok is disappointed with Sumeet for standing by Raj despite his past actions towards Pankhuri. However, Sumeet maintains that she was not aware of the situation between Raj and Pankhuri. But Pankhuri refutes this, claiming she placed the letter in Shlok’s pocket. Priyanka sides with Sumeet, mentioning that only she and Raj were aware of the incident. In addition, Priyanka reveals how Pankhuri has constantly pursued Raj and sent him anonymous messages as a secret admirer. This leads to Pankhuri arguing with Priyanka and trying to sway her emotions.

Sumeet resolves to expose the truth to Shlok. Raj anticipates having Priyanka soon but is shocked to see Shlok approaching. Priyanka is about to attack Raj when Sumeet intervenes. To stand by his side, she pleads with Raj to reveal what happened. Shlok accuses Sumeet of disloyalty, stealing the mangalsutra from Raj and breaking it. He declares Raj should not marry Priyanka because Sumeet has forgotten she is married to Shlok.

Shlok informs Sumeet that their relationship has been damaged, and he no longer trusts her or Raj. Desperate for answers, Sumeet asks Raj to reveal what occurred on the day in question. Meanwhile, Pankhuri eagerly awaits her upcoming marriage to Raj. During the chaos, Priyanka declares her intention to leave the house and be with Raj, whom she believes would never mistreat a woman. However, Pankhuri interjects and accuses Raj of rape. Despite facing opposition from her family, Priyanka remains determined to stand by Raj. However, Poonam forcibly takes her back home. As Sumeet observes Shlok’s reluctance to sing out of fear of being reminded of her, she realizes the depth of their broken relationship.

Shlok returns home and rejects Sumeet’s food, leaving Raj and Priyanka heartbroken in their rooms. Sumeet reminisces about happy moments with Shlok. As Shlok recalls moments with Sumeet, he angrily breaks his guitar’s strings, hurting his fingers. He stares at him helplessly, determined not to let their relationship break easily and prevent Pankhuri from ruining more lives.

Sumeet questions Sarthak about why he was falsely accused. Locals badmouth Raj for misbehaving with Pankhuri, and Pankhuri recalls spreading the news. Poonam and Shlok encourage the people to hit Raj but leave Pankhuri alone. After learning Sarthak was falsely accused by Pankhuri, Sumeet is shocked.


Raj is shocked when Shlok gives him the divorce papers and says if you didn’t get married to my sister, then I’ll have to give your sister the divorce. As Sumeet walks in, he asks Sarthak to tell everyone what Pankhuri did to her. Sarthak tells Sumeet, “You brought me here to tell everyone what you told me to say, but I cannot accuse Pankhuri of anything.” In addition to giving Sumeet divorce papers, Shlok says that if you go against my family, today marks the end of our relationship.

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