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As the family gathers for a meal, Sumeet can’t help but remember Poonam’s comment that Shlok’s future is secure if she were to leave him. She turns to her dad and questions if Shlok is making sacrifices for their relationship. Despite her father’s denial and invitation to join the meal, doubts linger in Sumeet’s mind. Meanwhile, Masoom discusses with Jitesh about convincing Abhay and Vani to leave the house, but Shagun interjects, asserting that the property now belongs to her and giving her control over decisions.

Shagun mocks Masoom for residing in her childhood home and claims that Vani, Masoom’s daughter, will also encounter difficulties due to Sumeet. She then expresses her plan to create a dilemma for Raj by forcing him to choose between Vani and Sumeet. While enjoying a salad, Rajiv notices a pricey tomato and asks about its origin. Sumeet apologizes and clarifies that tomatoes are beneficial and help replenish energy after fasting. Meanwhile, Masoom warns Vani that she will face consequences as long as she lives with Sumeet, promising to never let her have peace.

Masoom makes a call to Poonam, teasingly bringing up the fact that their lives are in for a major change with the arrival of a wealthy daughter-in-law. However, their conversation is abruptly interrupted as Shagun and her henchmen enter the scene, causing chaos by throwing objects around. Shagun confidently states that she now owns the house and presents documents to back up her claim. Dad clarifies that the house was previously under her husband’s name and has been equally distributed among her sons. Taking advantage of the situation, Shagun ridicules them, declaring that they will now have to go without food due to Sumeet’s presence in the house resulting in their eviction.

Shagun has labeled Sumeet as inauspicious, prompting Sumeet to bring up Raunak’s suffering under her influence. Later, while Shlok is searching for house papers in Ashok’s room, Shagun suggests that his gambling and drinking habits may have caused him to misplace them. Sumeet suggests obtaining a copy of the papers from the registrar’s office, but Shlok points out that it would be closed at night. Then, Shagun manipulates Poonam into not seeking Raj’s assistance and instead taking the entire family to Rai’s house.

Shagun commands her goons to evict everyone from the house. An incensed Sumeet confronts her, questioning her actions. Justifying herself, Shagun states that they should suffer with her. She compels Anju to remove her earrings and demands that all jewelry be surrendered. Sumeet refuses to wear her own jewelry if her family is not allowed to wear theirs. Shagun even tries to take Poonam’s mangalsutra, provoking Shlok’s ire. Dadi curses Shagun, who roughly shoves her aside. However, Sumeet intervenes in time to prevent Dadi from getting hurt. Shagun informs Poonam that she is well aware of the sacrifice Shlok is making by choosing to be with Sumeet, and now their entire family is facing consequences as well. As a result, Shlok and his family are left on the streets.


A few drunk men tease them and ask them to go with them. Sumeet fights back and hits them with a stick. Sumeet is in a restaurant. Shlok is singing. Sumeet says this voice belongs to Wonderboy.


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