Meet 14th January 2023 Written Update

In Sarkar’s home, he receives a message from his wife. One of his men walks up to him and says something. Sarkar tells his wife to stand in line. His wife gets scared, and every woman in the house stands in line.

Meet was told about Chatanks’ land by someone from this house, according to Sarkar, and the message was sent from a hidden telephone. No one answered him. Sarkar says I’m giving you two days Jasodha to find the culprit or else I’ll find him and make his condition worse. I am unable to message Meghna, who thinks Meet came to me as a saviour.

She sees Meet Ahlawat’s photo is gone, so she asks some kids about it. Children tell her that wrestler took it. Mahendra and his men walk towards Meet. Babita gets scared and calls her. As Mahendra says I have a message for you, he gives her the phone to talk. Meet takes the phone. Sarkar invites her to celebrate Lohri with him and disconnects the call.

Sarkar laughing. His wife asks why you are laughing. Sarkar flirts with her and says whoever did this to us will be punished. He tells her that you have taken a vow not to tie her hair and not to eat, so he asks her to eat. I won’t eat until I don’t see her lose.

Babita and Raj get scared. Raj says I don’t like your decision to go there. Meet says don’t worry and I have to give them strength so that they will also stand against them and work and ask Raj to take Babita home. Babita tells her to be careful. Then Meet says don’t worry, I have to get back Meet Ahlawat’s photo.

When there is a wrestling competition going on, the anchor asks if anyone would be willing to face our winner. A man walks in and says he is ready to fight him. Everyone gets quiet. Meet Ahlawat lookalike who walks in and defeats him. As we walk towards a wrestling competition, we see two wrestlers wrestle. We see Ahlawat’s lookalike knock down his opponent. Everyone cheers for him. We ask the kid where they kept the photo. He directs us. As we walk towards the photo, we see the lookalike.

Those inside the ring pick him up and put him on their shoulders. Meet holding a bracelet picks up a photo and walks out. The kid sees the bracelet in her hand and asks where it came from, it’s her brother’s. The kid says yes he told me he lost it. Meet says okay, give it back to him.

The old man asks to tell me what kind of woman you want, and I’ll get her for you. He gives a description of the women he wants. The announcer gives the trophy and asks who won everyone’s heart. He makes fun of him for marriage. There is a Lohri celebration at Sarkar’s house. Everyone is having fun. Meet walks in for pooja. Jashoda sees Meet and remembers her pledge. Sarkar sees Meet and asks her to come forward and wish her a Happy Lohri.

She joins her hands and steps back. Sarkar walks up to her and says you want all women to work, but first you must know if they are interested in doing so. Meet shouts and asks, “Do you want to be independent”

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