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According to Meet, being a woman is not a curse because goddesses are also women, so being a woman is not a curse. She claims that once she becomes her brother, she wants to protect Meghna and Sundari from their pain. After becoming her brother, she claims that she does not comprehend all of this. When Anuja is fleeing her battleground, Meet urges her to defend her rights. As she does so, Anuja claims that Meet is the last person to say so. As soon as Meet receives the factory paperwork, she won’t stay at Sarkarpur and won’t think about the women there. She doesn’t budge on her decision. From there, she leaves.

Yashoda wants to know who is carrying the boy child, so she gets Gunwanti to make Gunni determine the gender of both Imarti and Swapna’s baby. If it is a girl, Swapna cries in her mind. Narendra tries to keep Swapna calm even as he prepares to elope with her this time.

She hears Bhagwat Katha while pedalling her bicycle. She remembers what Auja told her. She encounters the woman and her young daughter whom Meet and Meet Alhawat once protected from terrorists. She tells Meet that Meet Alhawat once said that women are God’s strongest creations and are capable of achieving anything. She leaves after promising her daughter an excellent education.

It is known to Meet Alhawat that her husband has chosen Sarkarpur to locate their factory. She decides to fulfil his wish. She decides to return to Sarkar Mahal and Sarkarpur in order to help the women there. At the factory’s launch, only Sarkar Mahal women are invited. Yashoda and Manmeet are informed by Sarkar that he wants to Meet to leave both Sarkar Mahal and Sarkarpur. She praises God for guiding her. Gunwanti, who just arrived, claims that Anuja isn’t in her room. She asserts that she doesn’t believe Anuja stole money from Sarkar. Everyone is shocked.

A search is conducted by Yashoda. When Sundari sees Anuja at home, she loses all sense. She is worried about her daughter. Meet is also seen in the same room as Yashoda. Seeing Meet blows Yashoda’s mind. He claims to have stolen Sarkar’s money by himself. As she attempted to escape, Anuja caught her and bound her up with ropes and a chair. In a flashback, Meet encounters Anuja later and informs her that she won’t leave until she has achieved Meet Alhawat’s dream of putting an end to the gender inequality that still exists in Sarkarpur. She joins hands with Anuja.

Meet has intentions to alter everyone’s way of thinking in Sarkarpur and Sarkar Mahal. Manmeet does not believe Meet is capable of stealing even a cent. Yashoda asks to Meet what prevented Meet from leaving Sarkarpur. He is enraged when he remembers Swamiji’s prophecy. Meet yells at her. She intimidates her. She threatens to inform Sarkar and Manmeet of the factory records issue if she doesn’t follow her orders.


Manmeet tells Meet she picked the wrong fight. They start wrestling and Manmeet throws her forward. Manmeet tells Meet she must be within her limits, as a woman.

The second time Meet gets up, she lunges towards Manmeet. Manmeet again throws her back. Meet gets injured, but still gets up and fights back. The two grab each other’s necks.

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