Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain Written Episode Update 7th March 2023

Abhinav just cannot believe what Akshara has said and repeats that now Ji will be removed when they address each other and now it will be only Akhsara and Abhinav. He is very excited and wants to share the news with everyone. Abhinav calls Neela to give her the amazing news. She says that they both had come together long ago and now are coming more close.

Abhimanyu walks on the road and asks himself how should he forget Akshara’s name . The more he tries to forget her the more she is on his mind.

Aarohi wears the chain and thanks Abhimanyu for taking a step closer and letting her know that he is there for her.

Akshara prays and says that Abhinav held her hand when everyone else gave up on her. She will do her best to make the marriage work.

Abhimanyu is frustrated and looks for a way to let out his frustration. He takes a hammer and hits on a bunch of tyres. Elsewhere Abhinav is very happy and hugs strangers on the way.

Abhinav sees Abhimanyu and calls out to him to stop. He asks Abhimanyu whats wrong. Abhimanyu convinces him that he is fine. When asked why was he banging on the tyres – was it to for body building Abhimanyu replies that his body was just to show off and now he has to exercise to maintain it.

Akshara is repeating Abhinav’s name and she sees him coming home with a worried expression. When asked why he says he saw Abhimanyu and Abhi was very worried about something. He says Abhimanyu is not fine. He asks Akshara whether it was due to what happened during the engagement. She says its his personal matter so let’s leave him alone. We have to do our duty because of Aarohi but we don’t need to maintain our friendship with him. We will return in a few days. We don’t need to worry about him because he can handle his personal matters.

Abhimanyu is alone in his room and imagines Akshara with him. She says to him that he is a student of science. So how has he forgotten that we get life through light? If we dim the light we will have nothing to see or to live for. But he wants to live. In the darkness, we don’t need a place to hide. That’s where everything is very confusing. But he has taken his decisions. So why is he so restless instead of being at peace? In pain instead of being in comfort. In darkness instead of being in the light. Why is he even struggling? He says it’s the first time he has seen answers in the question.

He says 
You make me restless, you give me peace. 
You are my comfort, you are my pain. 
You are my light, you are my darkness. 
I am here for your sake.

If not with me why are you here so close to me? He says she is here because the drama is coming to an end. She is his life and he cannot pretend anymore in front of her. Ever since he got separated from her he is in darkness. She is the Sun that gives him the light. To live he needs her and she has to come back into his life. He pleads to her to come back to him because he only loves her.

Abhimanyu suddenly realizes this was all just a dream and is shaken.

Roohi and Manjiri are planning the Mehendi design. When Roohi asks if Aarohi will write Abhimanyu’s name on her hand Aarohi starts dreaming. She suddenly sees Abhimanyu and runs behind him calling out but he does not hear. She wonders where he is going without informing.

Surekha comes into the bedroom with coffee for Akshara and Abhinav and realizes they both sleep on different beds. She says he came to surprise them but she herself is surprised now. Akshara tries to explain that because Abhinav has back pain hence he slept on the sofa. Abhinav tries joking and confusing Surekha. Suddenly Surekha asks where did the Ji disappear from their names. Abhinav says since this is his inlaw’s house he has to be a bit formal. Suvarna calls out and Akshara gets an excuse to go. Suvarna tries telling Abhinav about Akshara and Abhimanyu’s love story and asks him if he doesn’t find it strange. He changes the topic and asks for medicines which she goes to bring.


Abhimanyu gets out of the car and is hit by a truck. Muskan sees him and shouts to everyone that Abhimanyu has met with an accident. Akshara rushes out and cries holding Abhimanyu in her arms. Surekha says they were away for so long and now in a second they are so close. What is this relation called? Abhimanyu is hospitalized. Manjiri is crying and Rohan says that Abhimanyu has multiple injuries.

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