Pandya Store 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 10th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish and Prerna having a romantic moment. They play Holi. She says I’m here to get coloured in your colour. He embraces her. Shesh teases Shweta. She says I won’t leave you. Krish says he’s really happy today. Prerna says she wants your happiness, but she’s afraid. He asks why. She says because of Shweta if she snatches our happiness, my life will be colourless, I don’t want to lose you. He says this won’t happen, Dhara will tell the truth to Chutki and Chiku, so Shweta’s chapter will end, so be happy now. He puts the colours on her. They play Holi… Mujhe pyaar hai tumse….plays…

Prerna and Krish see Shweta singing. Shweta says Krish, just I have a right to apply colours to you. Krish starts acting in front of Shweta. Shweta looks at Prerna and asks who she is. Prerna says we stay in this area, so there’s no problem. Shweta says to just leave. Prerna gets angry. She pretends to argue with Krish and applies mud to Shweta’s face. Shweta asks someone to get water. Prerna wishes Krish and kisses him. Krish goes. Shweta looks for him.

When Gautam sees Dev, he smiles. Dev applies colours to him and says it isn’t good, darken it. Gautam says fine. He throws Holi at him and Suman smiles. She says this happiness has come home after seven years, mixing the colours, and kids will arrive soon. Dev also worries about reports, and Gautam thinks our reports have to be in today. It is Chiku’s first Holi, Dhara used to say that we will play Holi when everyone comes. Gautam fills the water guns with colours.

She hugs her. Suman blesses her. Dhara does tika to her and wishes her a happy Holi. As she applies holi to Dhara, Rishita applies it to Suman and wishes for him. Suman also wishes her. Dhara asks where Raavi is. Suman says she is with Shiva. Rishita wonders why the reports didn’t arrive. Dhara thinks everything will be fine.

When Shiva runs to play Holi, Raavi asks him to stop. He says he’s gonna play Holi at home today, so let the store get robbed. She stops him. She says she’ll play Holi with her this year. They put Holi colours on each other and wish one another well. He says you are very important to me, look at the family, I feel I didn’t play Holi with them, I’m restless, I must leave, please. As she holds his hand, she tells him to apply colours to him and play Holi with him. Dev asks the kids to play Holi. The kids shoot the watercolours at Suman. Natasha comes by and laughs.

Dhara says Suman has come back to her childhood; she has never seen her so happy. Natasha says I want to play Holi, but where is my water gun? Shesh says we won’t give it to her. Rishita says her brothers don’t want to play with her. Then Natasha takes a water pot and throws water at Rishita. Rishita says Dev, stop her, she might have a problem with colours. Dev says we should play video games.

Natasha and Shesh fight over the water gun. Rishita asks them not to fight. They don’t listen. Dhara leaves. Suman says you handle your kids the same way you do. Gautam says Natasha, you are lovely, if your fans know you are fighting, they will think you are so stubborn. Shesh says we worked hard, they don’t care. Dhara gets Natasha a Holi hamper. She says you have all the colourful flowers, you are special, and you will play special Holi.

Rishita and Dev wait for the reports. Everyone worries. Natasha says I want colours. Dhara says you are special. Natasha says yes. Dhara says celebrities play special Holi. Be with Dadi. Rishita and Dev throw colours at whoever comes to apply Holi to Dadi.


We will give Chutki the kidney if our kidneys match, Dhara says, since we are Natasha’s family. Natasha hears this. Rishita says she was scared and ran away. Shweta is shocked.

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