Faltu 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

In contrast, Ayan’s sister urges him to pursue cricket because it is his destiny. Ayan says that he will fulfil his promise to dad and make his business soar. He says he will marry Tanisha only after he returns to Mumbai.

Faltu got startled when she faced the first ball, and her teammates taunted her. But she plucked up courage and scored two consecutive sixes. Unfortunately, the heat affected her physical condition but her brother’s words of encouragement helped her regain balance. She went on to hit a six that broke Ayan’s phone. After the match was won, Faltu asked for some money as a reward, but the administration refused as they thought that it would be spent on cosmetics. However, Faltu persistently fought for it until eventually, she gained ₹250 from them to be given to the team for additional sports equipment.

In Mumbai, Ayan’s family members are angry with his father for giving everyone money for their monthly expenses and they feel he treats them as if he is the king. When he gives everyone the money, he announces that next year, Ayan will be the one who will give everyone the money. He announces his retirement and says that Ayan will be the new CEO of JM retail.

The Panch of Ittarpur comes to Faltu’s home and accuses her of defaming the entire village. Having made her father and the entire village ashamed of her heinous act, he tells them she has played with the boys. With the money she won, she bought a new nameplate for her father’s guest house. Her uncle burns the nameplate in anger.

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