Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd January 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update

Mandeep questions Angad about Sahiba’s presence and why Seerat is speaking to her. He replies that Seerat informed him she would handle the situation. It turns out Sahiba had lost her earring and was asking Seerat if she’d found it, but instead of accompanying her, Seerat requested her to leave, reassuring her that Brar’s won’t forgive her misdeeds. Mandeep further enquires why did Sahiba come here in the first place and how was she so easily convinced. Angad says she was likely here for gaining favour from their wealth; however, once Seerat reminded her of the consequences, she quickly accepted her defeat and left them alone afterwards. Praising Seerat’s words of wisdom, he adds they should now enter inside.

As Sahiba walked down the street, her thoughts lingered on Seerat’s haughty demeanour. Before long, Seerat rolled up on a bike with her pals in tow. She declared that she would teach Brar’s guards a lesson and her friends jeered their enthusiasm to punish the bullies. Sahiba admonished their plans, affirming that they would go nowhere since Seerat had recovered her earring. Keerat queried as to where Seerat had gone off to and Angad led her towards the dining table. Astounded at the prospect of a fast for lunch, he pulled out a chair for Seerat and she eagerly anticipated that he might take up a seat beside her. Alas, his cousin seated herself next to Seerat instead, while Angad claimed a place ahead of them. Veer quipped that he should take the empty chair alongside his guest; Jasleen then praised Seerat’s dance and asked who else was in her family. She proceeded to reminisce about each member – underlining how much she cherished them before adding sadly how her beloved grandparents were no longer alive.

Kiara inquires about which club she usually goes to. Seerat reveals that her boyfriends have taken her to clubs before, but she can’t foot the bill and that’s why she doesn’t like going there. Angad chimes in, saying he hates the idea of visiting a club too. Jasleen scolds Kiara for questioning their guest too much and Seerat then turns her attention to the food. Angad orders a diet meal for both himself and Seerat. The latter recalls Sahiba’s wise words and recites them, earning admiration from Brar’s. Garry feels he will win Seerat’s affection before Angad has a chance, and informs him of their new jewellery campaign starting soon with actress Radhika Bajaj as the model. Angad recognizes his old friend’s name and tells Garry to manage it since he is preoccupied in the coming week.

He directly tells Seerat that he wants to know about her in detail, leaving the whole family in surprise. In response to his question, she recalls Sahiba’s words and repeats them, impressing Angad more. Angad continues to question her, and she repeats Sahiba’s answer, believing that her answer was very helpful.

Santosh asks Seerat what happened at Brar’s. Seerat says there was magic. Brar contacted Santosh and Ajit to discuss Seerat and Angad’s alliance. At a lohri function, Seerat dances with Angad. Later, Angad clashes with Sahiba. The voiceover says they are unaware of their fate.

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