Pandya Store 2nd July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 2nd July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Dhara urging Chiku to keep their plan a secret from others. Reassuring her, he then proceeds to sneak into Dev’s room where he successfully gets Shesh and Natasha out without being noticed by Dev. Meanwhile, Chiku heads to Raavi’s room but is caught off guard when Raavi wakes up. Quickly thinking on his feet, he lies that he was simply heading to the washroom. Believing his words, Raavi and Shiva go back to sleep. However, Chiku expresses his disappointment at not being able to find Mittu. Not wanting to waste any more time, Natasha and Shesh wake Mittu up and persuade him to come along with them. As they all make their way out of the house, Dhara eagerly awaits their arrival while emptying the cupboard in preparation for their escape. Finally, Natasha and Shesh manage to rouse Mittu from his slumber and coax him into joining them outside. Sensing the urgency of the situation, Chiku instructs Mittu to remain quiet as they make their getaway.

Dhara smiles upon seeing the kids and calls their attention. She kindly instructs them to stick together and Mittu asks for an explanation on division, jokingly asking if it’s food. Dhara assures him that it won’t happen, playfully telling him to go hide in the cupboard, but not before giving her a hug. She then directs them to write a letter and sign it while Gautam wakes up for water. Dhara quickly hides the children and lies to Gautam about Chiku needing her help in the bathroom before he falls back asleep. She retrieves the letter and discreetly leaves the room as morning approaches.

Raavi and Shiva come with a board to get Natasha’s financial security. Suman asks what’s written on the board. Dhara says Rishita will go on a hunger strike until Natasha gets financial security. Raavi also goes on a hunger strike, as does Prerna. Krish says we will stay hungry until our wives do too. Dev and Shiva say yes. Suman, Gautam and Dhara watch.

Shweta secures a job and excitedly declares that she will inform everyone. While Dhara is in the room, she notices Gautam and reminds him to have breakfast. Wondering about the suitcase, Gautam asks Dhara for an explanation. She clarifies that she intends to donate old clothes and then sends him off, shutting the door behind him. Taking care of her duties, Dhara feeds the children while Rishita and others call out their names. Sensing their loudness, Dhara gently reminds them to keep calm before leaving the room. Meanwhile, Raavi inquires about the whereabouts of the children, to which Dhara replies that she is also searching for Chiku. Natasha then compliments Chiku’s acting skills as they both retreat back into hiding inside the cupboard.

There are no kids here, Raavi says. She reads the letter…. If you divide the house, we won’t be able to return home. They all worry. Dhara acts. Raavi says Mittu can’t do this, it’s someone’s plan. She says Chiku had come to my room at night, and he took the kids. Dhara says don’t go after Chiku always, he’s the leader of the kids. You’ve done everything. I must check your room to make sure you don’t have any problems. Raavi says you don’t want the division to happen.


Rishita says she wants the division for her daughter. Chiku leaves with Shweta. Dhara weeps.


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