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Veer notices the cake and bouquet and inquires if Sahiba had sent them. Pam clarifies that Angad had ordered them for Sahiba. Grateful, Angad expresses his desire to surprise Sahiba and make her feel special, but their recent argument has made things difficult. Realizing his mistake, he asks Veer for suggestions on how to apologize to Sahiba. He then heads to her art school to pick her up. Veer reflects on how love can change a person like Angad, who has never apologized before. At the art school, Sahiba proudly presents her painting to her teacher, who comments that it depicts an incomplete love story. However, Sahiba has imagined a complete love story with Angad and expressed it through her painting.

Sahiba stands outside the college, awaiting Angad’s arrival. She ponders over why he didn’t heed Japjyoth Bebe’s request to pick her up. After turning on her phone, she realizes that there are no calls or messages from Angad. Suddenly, Angad appears at the college in a hurry, having been knocked down by a biker in his car. He quickly gets out of the car and checks if the biker is okay, apologizing for the incident. The biker recognizes him and questions why he is apologizing when it wasn’t his fault. Angad responds by saying that sometimes it’s necessary to apologize even if one is not at fault in order to maintain a relationship. The biker then leaves.

Angad buys balloons in order to calm down Sahiba’s anger. Sahiba thinks Angad won’t come now and drives away. Angad reaches Sahiba at the next stop and finds his phone number unreachable. Sahiba’s classmates notice him and inform him that Sahiba left some time ago, she was lost in thoughts during class and was constantly checking her mobile. He thinks he needs to calm down Sahiba at all costs.

Japjyoth asks Veer if Angad picked up Sahiba when he was angry on her. Veer says long ago. Seerat wonders why Angad picked up Sahiba. Inder tells Japjyoth that Manveer has a good idea to welcome Sahiba. Hansraj provokes Jasleen to say that he pities them because they don’t have their rights. The mother of Sahiba says she is here for her son and doesn’t want to celebrate a party for him.

Seerat says Manveer is upset with the decisions, but will attend her son’s party. Hansraj tells Jasleen that her DIL is more interested in Manveer than her. Jasleen taunts Manveer. The man says she should not bother since she learned what she did with Akaal and Japjyoth.

Jasleen says strangely Manveer is not happy with her DIL’s coronation, and even Seerat seems unsatisfied with her sister ruling this house. Since she has been Sahiba’s elder sister, it feels odd to listen to her orders from now on. It used to be that Manveer hated Seerat before because she left Angad in the wedding mandap with Garry, but now she understands that Seerat is more useful and classy than Sahiba, and not scheming like Sahiba.

Sahiba returns home. The whole family welcomes her. Veer sings a song for her. Simran gives her a garland. Japjyoth asks if Angad didn’t pick her up. Sahiba says she came alone. Gurleen asks if the problem between her and Angad has been resolved. Sahiba ignores her question and says the decoration is very nice. Japjyoth asks Sahiba to prepare for the party. Sahiba leaves. Inder hopes the problems between Sahiba and Angad will be resolved soon.

Seerat tells Jagjyoth that Sahiba helped her a lot, so she should find out why Sahiba is upset. Gurleen tells her to prepare Sahiba for the party and herself because her dressing sense is excellent. Sahiba locks her room door and thinks about Angad. She picks the phone to talk to him, but decides she won’t accept his apology over the phone and wants him to apologize directly. The maid is given the cake by Angad when he reaches home.

When he picks up a bouquet, he thinks that he will apologize to Sahiba and even propose to her. Sahiba opens the door and thinks Angad is here, but Seerat walks in. Sahiba asks why she came here when Angad isn’t here. She says the Brars want her to get Sahiba ready since she wears well, just like a Brar DIL. Sahiba says she shouldn’t have told them. Seerat says sometimes they have to do things that they don’t want to.

Sahiba is accusing her sister of pretending to be supportive, but ultimately betraying her. Seerat is confused and asks for clarification. Sahiba responds by questioning how someone can claim to love their sister’s husband. Seerat is silent in response. Sahiba admits she has no excuse for her treacherous behavior. Seerat acknowledges she has a lot to say, but does not want to defend her feelings for Angad. Sahiba calls out Seerat’s actions when she ran off with Garry. Seerat admits it was a mistake that she deeply regrets now. Sahiba questions why Seerat’s love for Angad suddenly emerged. Seerat explains that love can arise at any time and the heart desires what it wants at any cost.


Sahiba kisses Angad and says their togetherness was only until here and leaves with her bag. She returns keys to Japjyoth and says she cannot fulfill the family’s responsibility she gave her. Japjyoth asks what the issue is. He walks out of the house. Sahiba says she should ask Angad.

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