Teri Meri Doriyaan 15th March 2023 Written Update


Jasleen stands silently while Sahiba asks if she didn’t tell her to replace Seerat as a bride. Twinkle, who was present, informed her that she saw Seerat eloping with a boy. As Bebe confronts Jasleen for ruining Angad’s life, Jasleen admits that she told Sahiba to come out wearing bride’s attire, but did not invite her to participate in anand karaj/wedding ceremony.

She turns the tables against Sahiba and tries to gain sympathy from the family by claiming she was just trying to save the family’s dignity. As Angad falls for Jasleen’s lies, he says the fraud family is not repentant. Sahiba says it’s proven that his family members are involved, he should call the police and arrest even Jasleen.

As Angad misbehaves with Santosh again, he asks her to leave before he orders the guards to kick her out. Sahiba warns him that he should not insult her family. When that day comes, she will respect her family as he does, otherwise, she will change her name. Angad tells her that will never happen, so she should choose a name for herself now.

Having returned Santosh’s gifts, Sahiba asks her to leave and not tell Ajith, Keerat, and Sukhi what happened. Santosh says she hates lies but is advocating them for their sake. Sahiba drops Santosh off.

Mandeep stops Jasleen and asks why she ruined Angad’s life. Jasleen repeats the same story. Mandeep slaps her twice. Bebe stops her.

Mandeep asks if she is supporting her daughter. Bebe says she always considered her daughter and DILs equals. Mandeep says Jasleen did this to humiliate Angad.

As Santosh returns home, Ajith asks how her visit was. Santosh lies that Brars respects her a lot and asked about Ajith. Keerat tells her to stop lying.

A day will come when Sahiba will realize Angad’s goodness and that he is not a bad man.

Mandeep asks Daarji to cancel Angad and Sahiba’s reception. Angad asks her not to do so since he has an important announcement to make.

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