Kumkum Bhagya 19th February, 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Kaya asks Ranbir to take left and right, and to drive fast and asks if he is driving a bullock cart. Ranbir asks Kaya if she is fine. Kaya looks at the approaching car.

She asks him to stop the car. Ranbir asks him to take you to a doctor. Kaya sees the car going from there and says I am fine, I need water. She drinks. Ranbir asks her to drink carefully. Kaya says she doesn’t have all day. Ranbir wonders what happened to her suddenly.

She tells Dadi that she is making French cries and paneer paratha. She asks Dadi what flavour cake she should make. Dadi asks her to make chocolate cake.

Prachi says she feels like her mother and feels peace when she hugs her. She says when she hugs her, she feels like she has hugged Panchi for the first time.

As Khushi says, she felt empty and drowned herself in work, and I used to think about work as well, but I forgot to go to an important meeting today, as I felt peaceful at Khushi’s place.

When she hugged Panchi, she felt the same way. Dadi says Khushi is also Panchi’s age.

In her words, I have seen a lot of girls her age, but the moment I touch her, something happens to me. She hugs her tightly. Dadi says that sometimes we get connected to someone by our souls and says that little girl feels you as your mother as well and that she will be scolded if she tells anything at home, but here she orders you.

Khushi gets cold water from the fridge, and Shahana gets a bowl from the kitchen. Prachi puts the French cries in the hot oil and spills the oil on her hands. She shouts. Khushi and Shahana run to Prachi.

After scolding Prachi for being careless, Khushi tells Prachi that she is sad as she is hurt. Prachi says you made all my pain go away. Khushi says she will be a doctor when she grows up. Prachi embraces Khushi.

Kaya still feels scared as she sees the car behind Ranbir’s car.

When they reach the office, Kaya asks him to stop the car. Ranbir asks Kaya what is the problem. Kaya replies you are a big problem, I have to tell you many times to drive fast.

Ranbir sits in the car thinking he left Khushi because of her. He thinks she has ruined his mood and that he should go to Khushi’s flower shop.

Khushi coughs. Prachi asks her to get up and makes her drink water. Shahana asks Dadi if she saw. Dadi says yes. Prachi makes her have food with so much love, and she says she would be like Panchi if she had been with her.

She says Prachi can’t even be with Panchi for a day. Prachi asks Panchi to finish all three bites, saying first, it’s her, and second, it’s Shahana’s. Khushi says Maasi. Shahana says yes. Prachi says the last bite is Dadi’s.

She says she saw a guy coming to meet Maayi, and when I called him Papa, he told her that he is not her Papa. When Dadi asks Khushi why she gets upset, she says she doesn’t have Maasi, or Dadi.

Prachi says that there is a problem at work so she has to leave. Khushi asks her to drop her. Prachi says fine. Khushi leaves. Ranbir comes to the flower shop and asks the guy about Khushi.

Apparently, someone bought all her flowers today, so she must be home. He shows him the way to her house. Ranbir wonders what he has to do with Khushi.

In a conversation with Laali, Ranbir asks her about Khushi. Laali says Juhi’s father told her that a rich woman took her shopping in a car. Ranbir asks her not to scold her when she returns home.

The woman tells Laali that she is my daughter, not yours. She tells Khushi that I am her world, and Khushi is my world.

Khushi returns with Prachi, and Ranbir sits in his car. Laali sees Khushi and says, “I got my life back.”. Ranbir tells her not to scold her. She takes the card from him.

Laali says that if your daughter went without telling you, then you would have been worried as well. Prachi says she is lovely and understanding and gives her clothes. Laali thanks her.

Khushi asks Prachi to take care of her. Prachi waves bye. Naina music plays. Laali says thanks. Prachi looks at Khushi. Khushi becomes emotional as she sees Prachi leaving.

Khushi asks Dida to open her mouth to take medicine, and she tells Dida she knows who loves her after she opens it. Dadi tells Prachi to adopt a girl to forget the loss of losing Panchi.

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