Meet 9th January 2023 Written Update

Everyone evacuates. Meet says I’ll go get the doctor. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll come with you. Number 3 enters the room and sees everyone outside. They grab him from behind, take his gun, and tie him to bed. Meet Ahlawat takes his hun and says “Come, let’s bring a doctor”. It’s time, our kid saved everyone who was stuck there, I saw in the news we have to go save our kids, and Babita gets happy and says let’s go. Raj walks over to her.

Meet and meet Ahlawat in the doctor’s room and ask him to leave. The doctor is scared and doesn’t move. Chief walks forward and points a gun at them saying you thought you could leave. Meet walks forward and says I was police earlier so don’t scare us, everyone is out so you will be needing us to get out alive. Chief says I trusted you ward boy and you weren’t dead after getting shot, but this time I’ll shoot you.

According to the chief, he already told us about the new path from the drainage pipe; he hit the doctor with a gun and said you will die now because you failed to save my brother.

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