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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 23rd April 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shiva and Raavi disputing. He maintains that the Dhara living in their house is a phoney. Dhara receives a bouquet from Gautam and throws it in his face, asking him to listen. Shiva affirms that genuine Dhara hasn’t come back home yet. Raavi comments that while he worries for Dhara, her life here is overflowing with trouble. He demands she goes to sleep and walks away. She says her life’s tale is interlinked with him; if she fails to win him back, her life will stay incomplete. Prerna fantasizes about Krish and then hears the doorbell ringing, presuming Krish has arrived; however, it turns out to be Dhara.

Prerna admits, “I didn’t anticipate that you’d go to such lengths, stealing the passport to prevent me from leaving.” In response, Dhara states, “I don’t have your passport, but you hold Krish’s life in your hands.” She further explains to Prerna that if this incident hadn’t occurred, she would have forgiven Gautam due to their trusting relationship. However, Prerna finds it hard to accept and responds, calling it an easy thing to say. Prerna questions her, “Don’t you trust Krish? Could he betray you?” To which Prerna firmly replies, “No.”

Dhara remarks, “You are a pragmatic girl, and that’s what you believe.” Prerna says I don’t know. Krish has made the first marriage for his Bhabhi’s sake, and he can’t cheat on his love. Shweta has done this, so she wants to separate you both, so don’t become Shweta’s puppet, your marriage has to happen within 24 hours. Shivank gets angry at Krish. Rishita hugs Krish and cries. She says don’t go anywhere. Prerna will return for you. Shivank laughs.

He believes that they will all be imprisoned. Rishita comments that they were unable to make her content, yet they would try to talk Prerna around. Krish apologizes, claiming that it would not be possible at this point and he is departing. When Prerna’s parents come home, Prerna arrives too while Krish contemplates what is occurring. Shivank informs Shweta, who says the scheme won’t be successful. He gives them greetings as well. Suman questions the sudden arrival and Prerna’s mother replies that Prerna said she was returning on her own so they decided to come. Recollecting the chance of seeing her parents, Prerna declares that she is marrying Krish which brings a smile upon everyone’s faces. Dhara gazes as they all rejoice in a dance. Later on, Prerna goes up to Dhara and expresses gratitude for clearing everything up.

Prerna apologizes while Krish sends his thanks to Dhara. To everyone’s surprise, she feigns confusion and queries how she came to meet them if she had been in her room sleeping. Shiva observes that this was the duplicate of Dhara while Raavi prefers having sweets instead of thinking. Suman expresses joy at their reunion and suggests scheduling the marriage in a week with the help of a pandit. As Krish hugs her, Dhara makes Shweta aware that something must be done within seven days. She later meets the pandit and advises him to inform Suman of organizing the sangeet ceremony today and marriage on the next day. He complies with her suggestion.

In the marriage, Suman asks Dhara if she will come or not. She says no. Suman says go to hell. She goes to her room and cries. She says my annoyance isn’t bigger than my responsibility, I’d like to attend, but I shouldn’t be there, so I’ll keep an eye on Shweta. In the sangeet, Shweta enters. Shivank is instructed to call his men and not spare anyone.

The precap:

Dhara sees Shweta and hides from her. Shweta takes a disguise. Her dupatta falls off.

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