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Pandya Store 30th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhara asks Gautam to apologize to Suman at the beginning of the episode. She scolds him. Gautam sits crying and apologizes to Suman. When your brothers get away from you, Suman says, “I know you have a brother’s pain and a father’s pain. However, what about your family and me when you get drunk and become shallow?”

She asks Gautam to promise that he will not fall apart in any situation or drink alcohol again. Gautam agrees. Suman says if you’re finished, let Dhara come to me. Dhara says I won’t, you’re scolding me so much these days.

In response to Suman’s question, Dhara cries and hugs him. He says you always make sacrifices, it takes a big heart to donate an organ to someone. I am proud of you, you will tell me you are doing this for my family. They hug. Dhara says I’ll tell Rishita, she’ll come running. She gets her number off. She says her number is switched off. Dhara says I’ll give the news to Rishita. I can give my life to save my kids.

Shesh argues and says it is my bed. Mittu says it is my dad’s house, so I should have the bed. Chiku asks them to stop fighting. Rishita comes and asks them to stop fighting. Shesh asks where we will sleep, and Natasha says she will sleep alone. Natasha says I won’t share the bed. They argue.

Natasha says come sleep in my room. Rishita says there is a bigger bed, I’ll sing a lullaby, we’ll play with pink toys, come, come. Shesh and the kids miss their house. Krish says I didn’t think about leaving them, but I feel scared when I go there. Prerna says I know, problems won’t end anytime soon.

He says we’ll go back to Canada. She scolds him. She says Dhara is fighting the problems alone, we can share her problems, that’s our responsibility. He says sorry. She asks him to get fruit. He goes. Dhara checks the reports. Gautam gets the food and feeds it to her. He says you are donating your kidney, in case of complications.

It is a big deal for me that my kidney matches Natasha’s, so nothing will happen to me. They smile. Shivank tells Shweta to be patient, Krish is not home. He finds Krish and goes to him. He jumps and collides with Prerna. He gets Prerna in his arms. Getting her into his arms, he smiles. She says sorry, are you alright. He asks where you are from, and she says Canada.

I am Shivank, and you are Prerna. He does not leave her. She calls out Krish. Krish asks what happened, is everything fine. She says yes, I bumped into this guy accidentally. She says Krish is her fiancé. Shivank says thank God I got to know this, where were you, I was looking for you.

The reason I wasn’t able to recognize you, Krish asks. Shivank says he’s Prafulla’s son Shivank. They hug and jump. Krish says you’ve changed a lot. Shivank says he needs to talk to him. Prerna asks, “Shivank Bhaiya,” Shivank replies, “No Bhaiya, call me Shivank.” She says okay, Krish and I share everything, he doesn’t hide anything, you can talk here.

He says he has to talk to him, don’t mind. Krish asks what’s wrong. Shivank gives him the letter and says Shweta gave it to him. Krish is shocked. He says I can’t love you as much as you love me. Shivank says your ex-wife did many things. Krish says she was better. Shivank says I hope you weren’t in touch with her.

Krish says she was an eclipse in my life, we will soon get divorced. Shivank says you got a fiancée before the divorce. Krish says tear the letter if anyone gives you it again. Prerna reads it and gets upset. Shivank believes Krish is trapped with Shweta and Dhara is trapped with me.


The doctor calls Rishita and says your daughter has a donor. She asks who it is. Dhara says Shivank came to get the money. She tells Suman about Shivank.


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