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Seeing Shagun talking to Manmeet about her, Meet sits alone outside his house crying. Jasodha walks to Meet with a glass of juice, she keeps it for her and says have it when you feel like, whatever happened today was wrong, a girl’s greatest treasure is her character and you didn’t leave any way for my son, how many times I asked you to leave,

I provided you with what you wanted, but you don’t comprehend that my son simply doesn’t adore you. Sarkar is resolved to bring down your character in court tomorrow and as we both know my son is loyal to me. He has even collaborated with his adversary for me, so consider the possibility that I ask him tomorrow to defame you, he could go to outrageous measures. I’m grateful to you since you upheld my marital union by requesting her to sign divorce papers and leave. It would be ideal if you did this; at least then your integrity will be kept safe.

In court, Sarkar asked Manmeet to ruin her reputation. The divorce papers are torn up by Meet, and he throws them away. If I sign these papers and leave, everyone will think I was wrong. Jasodha tells me to think with my brain, otherwise, I won’t be able to handle the situation tomorrow. I want to see to what extent your son can destroy my character tomorrow, as Meet says we will learn more about him tomorrow.

Manmeet, Sarkar and Mahendra outside court. Gunwanti, Jasodha, and Shagun join them. Mahendra says this is the first time I’ve seen all the media outside the court, and he’s sure Manmeet will ruin her reputation. The people protest against Meet outside the court. Inspector Bhati says I’ll go with you in. Meet says, “Don’t waste your time outside, someone else may need your help.”

A woman disrespects Meet. Bhati asks how you’ll go inside since everyone is angry with you. Meet says you think I’m afraid of false accusations. Bhati wishes her luck. She walks towards Meet and says the court hasn’t delivered its verdict, but you have already decided. Shagun says let’s go, me and Manmeet have a bright future ahead.

All inside the courtroom. Mahendra tells the judge that Meet is characterless and has an affair. Meet tells the judge that he wants to hear the same thing from Manmeet. Before Manmeet says anything, Mahendra says he has a video to show you. He gives a pen drive to someone to watch. Mahendra asks the person what happened. He says there’s a technical problem.

In the morning, Meet gets up and drinks a glass of water. As Shagun walks towards Meet, she tells her she’ll get divorced soon, and soon, she and Manmeet will get together. She suggests she leave from the back door because everyone at the front door is ready to kill her, so I think you should leave the area. The daughter of a martyr will not run away, so don’t worry about me, just think about your man; he may win the case, but he won’t be able to stand before me.

After hearing everything, Manmeet leaves the courtroom. Mahendra asks the judge to watch the video. He says we have lost our reputation because of her. Sarkar asks where Manmeet is. Sarkar says to Meet he is still with me, which is why he is quiet. The judge says Manmeet can get a divorce because of this video. Manmeet walks in with several people.

I’m sorry I walked in with so many people, but I must tell you the truth about the video before you give your verdict. Manmeet apologizes to the judge and says I’m sorry. It looks like Inspector Bhati and Meet are having an affair, but I shot the video to get rid of her, and Meet’s character is evident in that video. Sarkar shouts, “What nonsense are you saying?”

My blood runs through me and nobody can scare it, I’m telling the truth. Shagun asks Manmeet why he’s doing this. As a girl, you have falsely accused her as characterless. What do you think our lives will be happy after this? If this village accused you one time, could you handle it? Manmeet walks up to Gunwanti and says you still have a chance to change your mind. Mahendra says do not ruin your life because of her respect. Manmeet says everyone has respect. Sarkar says think how we would have gotten along if you had supported her last time.

It’s not that I’m against you or that I’m supporting her, it’s that my principles came between because whatever is happening isn’t right. Judge asks Manmeet if the video was fake last time. According to Manmeet, this video is fake, as I edited it so I could divorce her. Her character is clear as glass. My apologies to everyone and I brought people outside so they could hear the truth as well, so please forgive me.

Manmeet says this is the first time in my life I’m bowing down in front of anyone, I didn’t realize how low I had fallen, you won again, sorry it won’t happen again. Villagers apologize to Meet.


In front of everyone, Manmeet promises to send Meet back home tomorrow.

Raj asks Meet if he isn’t feeling sad about leaving Manmeet and his family while he leaves Ahlawat mansion. Meet replies yes.

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