Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 15th May 2023 Written Update

Written Episode of Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 15th May 2023 on

Surilii is trying to get news of Shiv. Maasi asks her to eat, but Surilii refuses. Swati calls Raghu and asks about Shiv. He says he is out of danger now. She says Surilii is giving bytes to the media. He checks the news.

Raghu shows Rani Maa the news. She says I shouldn’t see this clip again, I will decide what to say later. This girl’s name and face shouldn’t be seen with Shiv.

Surilii phoned the hospital reception to enquire about Shiv, but they couldn’t give her any information, since it was a police case. She remembered his words and continued on her way. At the same time, Maan asked Rani Maa to drink water. She queried if Shivendra was in love with that girl and Maan didn’t know when Shivendra had met her. Rani Maa remarked that just like his father no one can know what’s in their heart and Maan didn’t understand. Surilii stopped when she received a call from Sasha, explaining that Shivendra was in such a state because of her and resolved to find out more before coming back.

When she reaches the hospital, Maan sees her and takes her aside. He says Shivendra is out of danger now. She gets relieved. He asks her to leave. She thanks him. Swati and Madhu do a puja for Rani Maa. Rani Maa thanks them.

I am relieved seeing Shivendra okay, get Shivendra back to Ranak, shall I go to the palace tomorrow and make preparations to welcome you all, it is just my plan, it is up to you to decide.

Raani Maa thinks. Surilii is sleeping. Maasi wakes her up. She asks her to have breakfast. She says I will handle the café. Police arrive. Inspector says you don’t need to come, we have a lot to tell you. Maasi asks him to get Diya into the house. Diya wants to know why the police are looking for Dad.

Shivendra is back in his palace. He thinks of Surilii. Swati says he is normal, if he doesn’t get conscious till night, we need to contact a doctor. Swati says I want to stay back until Shivendra gets conscious if Rani Maa has no objection. She asks Hari if Swati can stay back, and Raghu can drop her off in the evening. Hari agrees.


Shivendra gets conscious and says Surilii ji… Swati and everyone look on.


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