Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 21st August 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 21st August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Shiv saying Mohit is my son. Mohit cries. Swati says what a drama. Rani Maa says you had hidden such a big truth from me. Shiv says I got to know this some days ago. Mohit asks Roshni is Shiv his father. She nods. His father is gone. Shiv says I know how to face problems with a dad, I made a mistake and I cannot forgive myself for it, but I promise you, Mohit, if you forgive me once, then I will become the world’s best father. Samar watch.

Shiv goes to find Mohit. Roshni tells him he needs to find him. Surilii tells him not to worry. Raghav says drama always happens here. Shiv asks Sam to search for Mohit. Samar also searches for Mohit. Surilii searches for Mohit. Roshni scolds Surilii. You told the truth in front of everyone, and Mohit got a big shock. You’re not a mom yet, so you won’t understand.

You don’t know what a father means to a son’s life, Roshni said. Samar also cried. She said he hated his dad. Samar recalls his childhood. Shiv says I made Shiv swear that he would not know the truth, but you told the truth, I was trying to protect my son, he felt like he was away from his father, now he knows he is illegitimate. Shiv says no, relax.

I did this for Mohit, I am sorry, Surilii says I promise. I did not do this deliberately, I have raised my niece like a mother, even though she doesn’t have her father. Shiv asks Surilii to be careful. Roshni says stop this nonsense, I need my Mohit. Samar says Sam, look upstairs. Rani Maa says take care of yourself and baby.

Swati cries and says I have respect or not, Surilii slapped me. Shiv asks where is Mohit. Raghav says I understand your pain, look at me, I will show Surilii her real place, I love you and I cannot see you break down, so she hugs him and cries. Shiv does not need to worry about Mohit, Surilii assures her.

In Rani Maa’s words, you are my guest, and your son is my responsibility. Roshni says he is Shiv’s son as well. Surilii sees Mohit on the terrace. She hugs and cheers him up.

She invites him to join her downstairs, where Mohit ends up assaulting Shiv and expressing his hatred towards him. Roshni intervenes and embraces Mohit, then takes him away. Shiv becomes emotional and Surilii remarks that the truth had to surface eventually. He adds that he wanted to establish a friendship with his son first before revealing the truth, but Roshni and he had decided not to disclose it to Mohit. She reminds them of how Roshni’s integrity was questioned, and Surilii assures her that he trusts their intentions. However, he requests them not to make decisions regarding Mohit without consulting him first.


Rani Maa is shocked when Raghav asks for house division. Surilii tells her Roshni is here because Mohit is your son. Raghav argues with Rani Maa.


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