Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 13th September 2023 Written Update

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Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 13th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

Ranimaa scolds Swati for apologizing to everyone. She says Raghav, you love me, right, I’ll tell you the truth, I stabbed Veera, but someone else planned the attack. Despite knowing your greed, I didn’t imagine that you would kill my brother, you killed Veera, why, my family loved and trusted you, and you told me this marriage was just for crowning you, you don’t love me, so I didn’t leave you, even though I knew your greed.

I told you the truth because I love you a lot. Raghav says incomplete truth, you have turned me against my family, it was my mistake to love you, well played, stop it, you don’t lie now, you don’t love me, you would have told me about it, you wouldn’t have committed this crime, you killed Veera, you snatched our happiness, you are selfish, you don’t love anyone except yourself, you stayed normal here, disgusting, I’m ashamed to be your husband.

He says we have come to arrest Veera’s killer. Surili says you used to hate me, I thought our arguments were normal, I was wrong about you, how could you do this, you killed Veera, how could you, he was such a nice person, what should we expect from you, you who can fake pregnancy and show fake sorrow over losing a baby, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Everyone is shocked.

Raghav says we won’t let you out, so Swati argues with them. Roseni worries. Swati says you listen to me, who did I support? Raghav says we don’t want to know, get out. Swati gets arrested. He cries and apologizes to Shiv and Surili. He says I lost, I have nothing left. Surili says no, it was Swati’s defeat, you loved her, but she never valued you. In her opinion, I also made a mistake when I chose Swati, because she never valued you.

Suriri says it is not your fault. She says Maan, I know Swati is responsible for your condition. Maan says no, Swati wasn’t alone, she had someone with her. Samar comes and says Maan, you are fine. He hugs Maan. Maan says don’t trust Samar. Samar says let me talk, don’t bother your mind, you need to rest. I have prepared a gift for you all, which will change your life, so I would like to bring it out. Shiv says say it here, so we don’t have time to solve your riddle.

Samar assures Ranimaa that the event will only last an hour and urges her to join him for the visuals. Ranimaa agrees and they all head out. As they look around, Ranimaa notices a photo of Suchitra on the wall while Shiv spots an urn on the throne. Shiv questions Samar about this strange setup, to which Samar cryptically responds that it will reveal all secrets. Surili also inquires about his intentions, and Samar reveals that Suchitra Devi was not only their father’s true love but also the rightful heir to this palace and throne. He then drops a bombshell by explaining that he is Suchitra’s son and their stepbrother.

Everyone is shocked. Samar says you murdered Suchitra and you are a murderer. Raghav says you have kept a big secret hidden, why did you keep us in the dark? Among the questions Samar asks are, would you give me my rights, no, I had to fight for them and take revenge, and it’s done. He introduces the family members to Suchitra’s ashes. He says Damayanti has ruined you, and she is doing the same with Mohit. I will not allow it to happen again.

He claims that Chandrabhaan’s heart belonged to my mother, and he spent his entire life by her side. When she mourned his passing, you were nowhere to be found, too busy with superficial formalities. You concealed the truth of his death, and I will never forgive you for that. He acknowledges Shiv as his stepbrother, who is kind and intelligent, but not on par with him. Then there’s Surili, my favorite sister-in-law, who strives to bring the family together. She possesses immense strength. As for Raghav, Maan and Sam – they are worthless stepsons incapable of making their own decisions.

Raghav trusted you a lot and ultimately pushed Samar, causing him to tumble onto the throne. It was a strategic move on your part, nothing personal. You were simply a means for me to reach Ranimaa. Now, Shiv, let’s keep them guessing. I have an interesting surprise in store for everyone. Take a look at this file. Sam inquires about its contents but Samar reveals that it contains the Barot industries, palace, and factories – essentially everything related to the Barot family – all now legally under his ownership. You all are left with nothing and have become destitute. This happened when Ranimaa took away Shiv’s rights and transferred them to Raghav, who then bestowed them upon me. As you can see, we now hold all the power while you are left with no wealth or status.”


Surili says Samar is trying to break us, but we need to get back and answer him then we will all win. Samar looks at the family.

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