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Agnisakshi 4th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Rajnandini fabricating a story to Jeevika about Rao being burdened with debt left behind by his father’s friend. She claims that he has two choices – either to end his life or to commit fraud. The situation hits close to home for Jeevika as she remembers her family’s past struggles. It is clear that Rajnandini is intentionally sharing this information. Juhi expresses her sadness about the situation, even though it was caused by her. Rajnandini also mentions how Rao’s child and family will become homeless because of this. She then emotionally manipulates Jeevika into feeling responsible for helping Rao. Jeevika considers talking to Satvik about it.

Rajnandini says Satvik will not agree. Jeevika says she will do something. Rajnandini tells Juhi she made Jeevika emotional when she told her own story, and now she will imagine her father as Rao and her family in his family. Jeevika comes back to Satvik’s room later. In her file, she tells you you couldn’t get Rao’s file, as you were angry with him. She promises to clean up the mess and teases him. Satvik says Rao’s mistake cannot be forgiven. Jeevika thinks she can convince Narayan.

Swara informs Sukanya and Pallavi that tomorrow is Jeevika’s birthday, so she plans to watch a film with her. Sukanya reminds them that Jeevika is now married, but she would still like to join in for the movie. Meanwhile, Jeevika appeals to Narayan to reconsider hiring Rao, expressing concern for his family’s well-being if he loses his job. After giving it some thought, Narayan agrees to give Rao another chance and asks Jeevika to prepare some lemon water for him. Rajnandini overhears their conversation and goes over to Narayan to hear the final decision. As soon as Narayan informs her of his decision, he leaves to call Sampath. Juhi approaches Rajnandini and acknowledges her victory against Satvik. Rajnandini admits that this will likely spark a conflict with both Satvik and Jeevika.

Swara calls Aadhya and tells her about Jeevika’s birthday. Swara says a Bollywood theme party. Shlok comes to Aadhya. Aadhya says Swara. She asks why you’re taking her name and goes on badmouthing her. Swara is upset with him. Aadhya informs him that Swara is on the phone. Swara says you make me angry, and you make me cry. He apologizes. Swara says I was serious. Aa takes his phone.

Satvik has a conversation with Mr. Sampath about his desire to form a team from Karnataka. Just then, Rao enters. Satvik requests that he submit his resignation letter and depart. Rao explains that he is there to collect his appointment letter and expresses gratitude towards Jeevika for saving his job by speaking to Narayan. He reveals that if she had not convinced him, he would have met with an accident under the train. Rao also contacts Rajnandini and shares that he does not wish to harm Jeevika in any way. In response, Rajnandini assures him that he should not be concerned about her and should focus on completing their pending work. As Jeevika comes out of the kitchen, Rajnandini suggests that Rao engage in activities such as spa treatments and zumba classes because she doesn’t appear to be a newlywed bride. She even comments on her choice of saree.

Upon Satvik’s arrival, Jeevika offers him a glass of water or tea, while Rajnandini suggests butter milk. However, Satvik becomes upset with Jeevika for interfering and assumes that she is trying to give Rao an advantage. In response, Rajnandini calmly explains that as a sensitive woman, Jeevika can be manipulated easily. Satvik demands to know why she went behind his back to their father, who always takes her side. He warns her not to involve herself in his work and keep her distance from him. Rajnandini admits that she sees Jeevika as a pawn in her game and intends to use her accordingly. Fed up with the situation, Satvik questions if she wants him out of the office entirely.


Jeevika’s birthday party is a Bollywood themed party organized by Satvik. Jeevika and Satvik dance on Didi Tera Devar Diwana. Dada slaps Satvik.

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