Pandya Store 13th July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Gautam and Dhara arrive at the new house. They clean the storeroom and call Shiva for help. They become sad. Prerna and Krish are at the hotel. She says there is nothing left here, we will go to Canada. Krish says you have patience, you have to stay around my family for a few days. She says okay, take your time. She hugs him. Dev and Rishita get ready for work. Shesh hides Rishita’s card, and a maid takes care of her work.

In her absence, Rishita asks the maid to look after the children. Dev and Rishita leave. Natasha takes a picture and says she will upload it so Chiku sees it. Chiku sees the sad picture. Shweta tells him to get ready for school. He becomes sad. Dhara becomes ill. Doctor says we have to divert her mind, she is overthinking, her BP can rise, so give her medicines. Gautam thanks him.

Suman reminds Dhara that it’s important for her to eat and rest properly, as the family won’t be able to return if she doesn’t take care of herself. She offers to get some lemon water for Dhara before mentioning a call from Shweta’s friend about a potential job opportunity abroad. As Shweta is on the phone with her friend, she receives another call from Chiku’s school, where a teacher has complained about him. In response, Shweta quickly heads over to the school. Upon arriving, Chiku informs her that he accidentally poured water on the peon’s phone and suggests he can fix it. The peon leaves and Chiku calls Natasha. She expresses her concern for him and asks what happened. In turn, Chiku reveals that he is genuinely feeling unwell and requests her to see him this time without putting on an act.

The maid doesn’t see Shesh. She goes outside. Gautam gets the courier. He says the loan gets approved. Suman says it doesn’t matter now. Shweta meets the principal. The principal complains about Chiku and calls him inside. He starts crying and faints. Dhara isn’t here, so I have to go to Natasha as well. The principal holds him and asks what happened. Chiku runs. Shesh spends money using the card details.

When Rishita looks for the card, she recalls the maid and believes Rekha might have taken it. She calls the maid. She asks did you steal the card, I got a debit message. Rekha says no, I didn’t steal it. Shesh thinks about what to do. The principal says your son isn’t here, he doesn’t follow rules, so look for another school. Shesh finds the kids. She locks the door and goes to find them. He hugs Dhara and asks what happened to them. Shesh comes to meet Suman. They ask what happened.

Rishita and Dev arrive home to find the door locked. Rishita calls Rekha and says her phone is off, she won’t call Dhara because she’ll scold me, we’re going to the police station. Dhara asks Shesh why you’re scared, but Shesh doesn’t say anything. She feels hungry, so she says I’ll get you some food. Dev says the kids aren’t answering, so I’ll ask Dhara. Rishita says calling her is no use. Shesh gets a message and worries. Dhara cooks aloo Bhajiya for him.

Shesh says Suman has been sick for a few months and now she is cooking bhajiyas for him. Gautam says she doesn’t value us. Shiva says I will find a store to rent. Raavi agrees. Mittu comes screaming and complains about the kids beating him. Shiva gets angry. Raavi says I will speak to the principal. He says it won’t help. She feeds Shesh. Suman says we also want to eat bhajiyas. Dhara says I will feed Shesh first. She wonders what She is hiding.

She announces the start of a game, and urges for quick responses. He agrees. Then follows the game itself. He admits he’s seeking refuge from Rishita’s wrath. Raavi advises him to trust their teacher to handle it. Shiva reminds Mittu to protect himself in the future. A quarrel ensues, resulting in Mittu’s departure in tears. Shesh receives some comfort and affection from Dhara, who tries to get him to open up about what happened before threatening to involve Rishita if she has to. He resists her offer as he fears getting beaten again by Rishita. She then gives him an alternative in confiding in her instead, which he does eventually. Soon after, Dev and Rishita show up at the police station while Mittu wanders on foot somewhere nearby. Shiva and Raavi are on a quest to find him as well.


Chiku and Chutki are looking for us. Gautam says Hardik is getting married, he invited us. Dhara says our family will reunite.


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