Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 4th July 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 4th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Raghu and Swati exchange garlands in the episode. Sasha looks for Diya. Surilii goes to her and asks where she is going. Sasha says I’m going to get her. Surilii tells Monty to wait, I’ll get her. Samar tells him to shoot, the man on the left.

Shiv stuns Monty. Samar says to shoot him. Monty says he’s the one, I’m not going to shoot him. Samar says to shoot him. Diya says Dad’s gone. Surilii asks where. Monty aims at Shiv. Surilii looks around. She sees Monty. She is shocked when she sees Shiv and his family. She runs. Surilii falls. Monty sees her. Samar tells her she will shoot you now. Surilii shouts Shiv. Shiv and every one turn around and see Monty. Diy says, “Pa…

As Monty worries and shoots, Rani Maa appears. Everyone is shocked. Rani Maa says she’s fine. Monty sees Diya. He gets scared. He runs. The guards follow him. Rani Maa says this isn’t my blood. They see Samar shot.

Nagu checks Samar. Ambitai worries. Shiv asks Veera to close the doors. Surilii stops Samar’s bleeding. Ambitai takes Samar’s earplugs. Monty tries to escape. Surilii calls the doctor. She says I don’t know his blood group. Ambitai says B positive. I heard him talk about blood donation. Maasi says we ought to leave now.

Rahu beats Monty and asks who sent him. Surilii asks who sent you, which is your enmity with Shiv. Monty says I am trapped, I am innocent. They rush to Samar. The doctor checks Samar and says there is no time to take him to the hospital. Veera says to give Monty to the police. Monty says I didn’t know I had to shoot you. Surilii says he can trust him. He swears on Diya, I am framed, so leave me alone.

Shiv tells everyone to be cautious and vigilant about safety. Veera apologizes, explaining that he was feeling unwell. Shiv insists that everyone must have a security guard assigned to them. Sam pulls Rani Maa into an embrace and thanks her, stating that none of them could function without her. At that moment, the doctor arrives with news that Samar is awake and they were successful in extracting the bullet. He assures them he will take care of him. Later on, when they meet Samar, they thank him profusely. He expresses how it hurts not having a mother due to his personal experience; however, he recognizes Raghu as a friend and Rani Maa as a mother figure for him, so doing his “son’s duty” was inevitable.

It’s mum’s turn now, Rani Maa says, you’ll stay here until you’re fine, it’s your palace from now on, so take care of Samar soon. She asks Ambitai to take care of Samar as a family member. Ambitai says sure. Raghu asks Samar to take care. Maasi consoles Sasha. Mithi says Rani Maa called all of you. Surilii asks her to sit with Diya for a while.

You helped Monty get access, Rani Maa asks you. She asks Shiv not to say anything. Maasi apologizes to her. Rani Maa says I can’t trust anyone, it’s about our security. She scolds Shiv. Maasi says it would be best to leave from here.

It’s okay. Srilii apologizes. Sasha says Diya is in shock and needs time to recover. Shiv says forgive us. Maasi says no, it’s fine. They see the media. Swati asks what, I didn’t think of this chaos, I wanted this wedding to be a grand affair. Rani Maa says that was my dream as well, what shall I do? I spoke to the pandit. The pandit says that mahurat is good here.

In her heartfelt words, she expresses that she doesn’t want to keep you away from me for an extended period. Raghu, full of excitement, promises to organize a splendid reception in your honour. Rani Maa insists on completing the wedding ceremony with the blessings of our family at the revered Kuldevi temple. She seeks Madhu and Hari’s approval, and they both gladly give their consent. However, Surilii, with genuine concern, suggests that I should not be a part of the event.

Shiv declares that the marriage is incomplete without Surilii, asserting she is his wife. She assures him she will wish the best for Raghu and Swati, to which Shiv responds with an “Okay”, but reminds her not to overthink. Thoughts of Monty fill Surilii’s mind and she goes to the police station to meet him. The officers take her to him and he pleads for her help. Brushing aside Diya as a sacred oath, Monty insists he has done nothing wrong. When asked why he agreed to do this, he claims a mysterious benefactor gave him drugs and money in exchange for shooting an unknown target – a revelation that shocks Surilii further.

Monty says I don’t know, I can’t possibly plan all of this. He presents the fake ID and says he gave it to me to enter the palace, everyone knows I stabbed Shiv, I’m not foolish to come here, I’m not knowledgeable about anything, I’m not fooled. I say fine, tell me everything. She threatens him. He tells her everything. Inspector asks her to leave. Monty asks her to save him. In her view, Monty said the truth, so someone in the house is Shiv and Barot family’s enemies, but who.


She asks Shiv to call Surilii. Surilii comes with the police. Samar talks to Ambitai. Shiv questions him.

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